June 6, 2023

hello will once again host a new show of Battles of Roostersan event organized in collaboration with ‘The Survival League’and that it will have a first qualifying test next Friday, May 19, for which the registration period is open.

This first test, which will take place in the Plaza de la H and will also include a dance exhibition by La Nueva Escuela, will allow a professional jury to select the eight participants who show the best skill with ‘freestyle’ or improvised rap , a very popular practice in Spain.

These eight best contestants will star in the grand final on May 26, also in the Plaza de la H in Holea and also with the entertainment of La Gran Escuela, in which the two passes at stake for ‘The Survival League’ Andalusia will be disputed Occidental 2024 for the two applicants who demonstrate the best ability to compose freely, fighting with other participants.

Improvised rap is a widespread practice among young people, to the point of becoming the urban music genre with a significant following, especially through social networks. The call for the qualifier on the 19th is having a great reception among the Huelva public.

About Holea

Co-owned by Carmila and Carrefour Property and inaugurated at the end of 2013, Holea has almost a hundred firms that have consolidated it as the most complete and attractive commercial, leisure and restaurant proposal in the province of Huelva and its surroundings.

With 50,800 m2 and more than 2,200 free parking spaces, the center’s offer is distributed over two floors, including a Carrefour hypermarket, eight Artesiete cinemas, 14 restaurants and a complete variety of fashion and accessories stores. .

hello It is a space designed for the comfort of the visitor, with an offer of leisure and cinemas that is open from Monday to Sunday, 365 days a year and has an infinite number of services designed for families.

With open architecture and a unique design and a careful customer experience, the new shopping street has become a shopping destination not only for the citizens of the province of Huelva but also for those from other areas such as the provinces of Seville and Badajoz or the Portuguese region of the Algarve.

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