June 1, 2023
At the age of 60, the artist gives up to 170 concerts a year.  Photo: Vadim TARAKANOV/Global Look Press

At the age of 60, the artist gives up to 170 concerts a year. Photo: Vadim TARAKANOV/Global Look Press

Olga Nechaeva, known in social networks as Hakuna Matata, recently celebrated her 26th birthday. The Internet star arranged a celebration for friends on an unprecedented scale, spending about 30 million rubles on it.

60-year-old Grigory Leps came to congratulate Olga.

Phoniatrician is always there

– I think Grisha received at least 8 million rubles for this concert, – says promoter Yevgeny Morozov.

However, Leps himself does not hide the fact that he has long become a rich man. The artist gives concerts one after another, arranging weekends only when his voice starts to fail.

– We work very hard. Despite the fact that I am a very adult person, the work continues, so, unfortunately, my children are not spoiled for attention. Well, just imagine, I have 160 – 170 concerts a year. When I have a free day, I just lie at home, – Grigory Leps told reporters. – Recently, however, flew to Thailand. I used to have a house there, then I sold it. I don’t want to buy anything there anymore, it’s better in Russia. And I went to rest forcedly. The vocal apparatus sometimes does not withstand loads. Rest, sea and mountains are the best way to treat ligaments. Sometimes, before concerts, my voice fails, but I don’t cancel the performance, there is always a phoniatrist next to me.

According to Gregory, despite a decent income, he does not consider himself a businessman.

“I don’t know where to invest money, I’m not a businessman,” the artist throws up his hands. – Yes, I produce glasses, there is a restaurant, but I practically don’t do it myself. I can suggest some interesting form of glasses, but I can’t say how it will be worn, sold. Let the professionals do it.

“Went out of business”

Recently, the singer was worried about a divorce from his wife and mother of his three children, Anna Shaplykova. And this is after 20 years of marriage. Gregory’s wife filed for divorce because of Gregory’s love affairs. Recall: there were rumors that the artist allowed himself relationships with famous beauties – with TV presenters Yana Koshkina and Yulia Baranovskaya. The wife was tired of enduring and put an end to the marriage. Leps suffered, began to drink, but he has not yet succeeded in returning his wife.

“I gave up alcohol,” says Leps. – Emotional swings happen, like any normal person. But I don’t drink anymore.

– Do you have a girlfriend?

– Eat. And not alone (laughs).

– Wow, are you a ladies’ man?

– Yes, I am like this! Went on a rampage. Kidding. No, I’m not a ladies’ man. And what happened in my youth, I don’t even remember (laughs).

One of the singer's girlfriends is Elizaveta Riedel.

One of the singer’s girlfriends is Elizaveta Riedel.


“The wife will forgive him”

Recall: recently, Gregory admitted that his new chosen one is 30 years younger than him.

As KP ​​found out, Leps’ girlfriend’s name is Elizaveta Riedel. The girl is 26 years old, in social networks Lisa calls herself an expert in the restaurant business. However, apparently, Leps is not particularly serious about these relationships.

– Grisha is monogamous. He loves his wife Anya all his life. I think that over time she will forgive him and they will come together again, – the singer’s friend promoter Yevgeny Morozov is sure.

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