June 2, 2023

In Russia, the procedure for using additional days off for parents of children with disabilities has been updated. From September 1, 2023, they will be able to accumulate additional paid holidays for up to 24 consecutive days and use them during the calendar year. The provision of such holidays will be agreed with the employer, said State Duma deputy Svetlana Bessarab.

Under current labor law, one parent is granted four additional paid days off per month. These days can be used by one of the parents or divided between them at their discretion.

“Changes to the Labor Code will allow parents to carry out comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled children at a convenient time. They will be able to accumulate and use 24 paid days off in a row as a full additional vacation. At the same time, parents will have to discuss the dates of the upcoming vacation with the employer in advance, choosing dates that are convenient for both parties. The State Duma adopted these amendments to the Labor Code at the end of 2022, the new preferences are aimed at additional protection of families raising children with disabilities,” commented Deputy of the State Duma Svetlana Bessarab.

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