May 30, 2023

The candidate of Socialist Party to the mayor’s office Huelva, gabriel crosshas presented to the residents of the Huerto Paco neighborhood the project of space for sports games and garden areas which will take place in the surroundings of Diego Velázquez street.

“It is a very interesting performance and demanded by the neighbors. A project that is the definition of sports spaces that will qualify and improve the area in a privileged environment, almost on the slopes of Conquero, and that offers many opportunities. A few months ago we started from the City hall the reform of the playground that was an unhealthy park, sandbox and now is a space full of life, safety, enjoyment and leisure for families. We also intervened in the square, improving it, and now we are presenting this project to finish off a large recreation and leisure area, Cruz pointed out.

The action is a comprehensive remodeling of the environment for which it acts in approximately 600 m2 of undeveloped free space, expanding the current square and children’s play area with the provision of sports equipment. In this way, the creation of a 270 m2 track is proposed, marking a 200 m2 multi-game area for the practice and training of sports activities with two soccer goals and two basketball baskets.

Likewise, a petanque court will be installed using a pine wood structure with dimensions and materials in accordance with the official regulations for the sport according to the Spanish Petanque Federation. The creation of two garden areas of 120 m2 is also proposed and the current square is expanded by a little over 100 m2 by means of paving stones and curb curbs, eliminating the current earthen area next to the road.

To all these structural modifications, it would be necessary to add the improvement of accessibility on the existing sidewalks through the creation of two adapted pedestrian crossings and the reinforcement of the vertical traffic signaling by placing a speed limitation at 20 km/h and a sign crosswalk. All this with the aim of making it a space that can be safely enjoyed by all citizens.

To conclude the action, new furniture made from recycled material will be installed and the current public lighting system will be increased towards the new area to be developed, installing two new lighting points next to the sports court.

“It is going to change the appearance of the neighborhood on this street and the best thing is that we have done it and are doing it hand in hand with the residents and that it will mean a before and after for the neighborhood”, the candidate pointed out.

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