May 30, 2023
Biden - no competition yet.  This is perhaps its main merit.

Biden – no competition yet. This is perhaps its main merit.


… – Vitaly Alekseevich, here is the latest information in the top news. “US President Joe Biden once again failed to find his way off the stage on his own. At first he did not go there, then he resorted to the help of assistants. It was a few hours ago in New York. What, such a political scene in the USA, that you won’t find a way out there right away? How can this be explained – such a hopelessness?

– It’s not hopelessness.

Biden has already shown many times that – well, okay, arms and legs are sometimes carried in the other direction, but his brain seems to be in order.

He flaunts it and tries to prove it.

And, perhaps, the main thing is that he has no competitors – with brains that clearly outweigh his brains. The relatively young Robert Kennedy, the only candidate from his party so far nominated or running for the nomination, generally has no political reputation.

So, Biden – no competition yet. This, perhaps, is its main advantage.

He seems to be saying – but you never know what – Roosevelt, in general, went in a wheelchair, but the main thing is that his brains worked. And I’m so smart!

And Biden proves it in every possible way. And he just has no other choice.

He is now cornered because he is the only Democratic candidate and his popularity is less than 40%.

That is, if such elections are held … But it seems that Trump, a competitor of the opposite party, they have already filled up with such nasty things …

Well, you see, this is an American court, they have already accused him and proved that allegedly this was the case, that 40 years ago he raped some woman in the locker room. But go and prove it – the woman was found, everything is in order …

But Biden did not rape anyone, only his son “hangs” on him, unlucky, with trading scams.

And the scams – of himself, and of his family, and all sorts of trading affairs there … But – it comes a little to that, he says – no, it’s not me, I don’t understand this part at all, I have never done this …

Say, I am a politician, but what they did there in trading enterprises, I don’t know.

In short, Biden brushes everything aside

– But now the threat of default hangs over America.

– And Biden proves in every possible way that this default needs to be pushed back, the public debt needs to be added. And, in general, everything will be fine, he has already thought it all out.

– During these days, while we have not contacted you, you have probably communicated with your colleagues who were in the USA – what are they saying?

– They are mostly worried.

They experience from the same – not that hopelessness, but – from uncertainty.

With default and with the dollar. With the war in Ukraine. Everything is uncertain.

And the Americans are very fond of certainty and are very flaunted by the fact that they determine everything and do everything themselves.

And now everything – from the vaunted dollar to the vaunted president – everything is suspended. This makes them very bored.

– But you somehow try to cheer them up?

– Yes, I do not try anything, because I’m afraid.

– What?

– Their censorship.

A couple of times you write in a letter some things that are not encouraged by them – and a person may not fly directly, but somehow indirectly. And they will tell him – but you said this and that. America is now covered with a cap of suspicion, Russophobia.

– Don’t be afraid!

– But I’m older than you, and the old Soviet reflexes still live in me, which say that it’s better that you don’t talk like that at all. And I have an old pre-war poster hanging at my house “Chatterbox is a godsend for a spy” …

As our wonderful Chernomyrdin said – there has never been such a thing – and here it is again!

– He also said – we completed all the points from A to B.

– Yes, everything has already happened!

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