June 2, 2023

Forward Andalusia in Huelva has given the go-ahead to his election campaign for the next municipal elections of 28M with a symbolic pasting of posters in the Huelva capital. An act with which the leftist force begins its journey “to offer Huelva a renovating project” and make it “a city to live it”.

This has been revealed by the candidate for mayor of the Andalusian party, jesus amadorwho has asserted that “a change of acronym is not worth it, nor is a Socialist Party that has wanted to resemble the right so much during this past legislature that the difference between Pilar Miranda, Gabriel Cruz and Perico Rodri is unrecognizable.”

From Adelante Andalucía they are committed to a candidacy “without professional politicians, made up of people who want to put our land in the place it deserves, in the face of the underdevelopment that some want us to continue maintaining. Here we do comply with the limitation of mandates and salary ”, they assert.

For this, explains Amador, “we have incorporated people with an added value of our city such as youth, activism, culture, etc.”. And it is that, he assures, Adelante Andalucía “is the best way for us to live in friendly cities, with decent public transport, with quality public services and that guarantee rights”.

In this sense, the Andalusian candidate underlines some of his main measures for the Huelva capital, among which are free buses, the remunicipalization of water, the creation of a municipal electricity marketer, plant shade for squares and streets, or a forest urban in El Conquero.

Likewise, continues Amador, “we want Huelva to be a 100% accessible city so that all people can enjoy it” and with housing “as a fundamental right”, for which the training will dedicate 2% of the budget to the creation of public housing for social rent. In addition, the formation commits to the elimination of the “unnecessary” ORA zone.

Real equality is also one of the fundamental pillars of the Adelante Andalucía program, which proposes a Department of Feminism and Diversity. In this sense, they emphasize, “we will attend to the needs of women at risk of sexist aggression who are not attended by the Board and we will create a municipal family respite program.”

Another of the measures of the team led by Amador will be the conservation and enhancement of the Cabezos de Huelva as natural, archaeological and paleontological jewels of the city. Likewise, the formation insists on the need to promote the visibility of Tartessian and Roman culture “which is buried without any government having been interested until now.”

Lastly, from the left-wing Andalusian formation they have wanted to focus on the need to care for youth, for which, they announce, they will dedicate “at least 1% of the investment budget for cultural and labor revitalization activities for young people. We cannot continue to lose our greatest values ​​because they have to emigrate”.

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