June 6, 2023


What are the International Days of…? Does it have any value or sense to dedicate one day of the year to a specific issue or group? Claim, anecdote or need?

When we celebrate, one more year, the International Day of Nursethe more than 2,500 professionals that we are in Huelva reaffirm our firm conviction that it is necessary to focus the attention of public, administrative and political opinion on our present reality and, above all, that which is to come.

We must make a joint reflection on the progress, or not, with respect to the last year, and present to society everything that is necessary to attend to and care for the most precious thing of all human beings, such as their health.

And we do it this year, as we did on past occasions, because “we don’t care” about the health of any person, that of the baby or child that we vaccinate, that of the woman that we attend to and care for when she is about to become a mother. , that of the adult who is hospitalized, that of the elderly with a chronic health problem… These and thousands of other situations in which the work of nurses is not only necessary, but essential.

In 2023, unfortunately, our reflection leads us to the same conclusion as the vast majority of society in our country. As successive surveys and opinion polls confirm, the situation of our health system can be greatly improved due to the abandonment and precariousness it suffers due to the lack of interest and inaction of the administrations and political parties after the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the public, and also for us, the situation in the health and social health centers of our country is a matter of great concern. You wait for months to be intervened, absolutely overwhelmed health centers, saturated professionals who want, but cannot, attend with the time and dedication that anyone requires.

A generalized reality in the State as a whole and that in Huelva we also suffer. And we do it, not out of resignation, but with the determined spirit that things have to change, that we have to fight to achieve a new healthcare that benefits everyone, patients and citizens and also professionals. .

Today, International Nurses Day, we want to send a clear message to administrations and political parties. We must improve the health, comprehensive well-being and quality of life of the whole of society and, for this, it is necessary to improve the professional and labor reality of the health collective that can achieve it, it is the nurses.

To all those people with government responsibilities or who lead a political party who in a few days will ask us again for our confidence in the elections, we say, loud and clear, that when there are not enough nurses or those that do exist work in harsh conditions, the consequences are clear and verifiable for the patient or any person, less health, less care security and less quality of life.

Some consequences that the nurses of Huelva do not want nor will we allow, because the health of the population and our profession… We do not care.

Antonio Botello Lozano

Provincial Secretary of the Nursing Union


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