June 2, 2023

Almost half of the United Russia (PG) preliminary voting candidates in the Luhansk People’s Republic are women, said Senator Darya Lantratova, co-chair of the public council of the United Russia Women’s Movement party project, at a meeting with participants in the procedure in Lugansk.


“From year to year, the number of women participating in the preliminary voting of the party averages from 30% to 35%. With the advent of the “Women’s Movement of United Russia”, the quantitative and qualitative indicators of women’s participation in politics should increase. Among the participants in our movement are mothers and wives of fighters, leaders of public organizations, and volunteers. They devote every day to the cause of helping our military, risking their lives on the front lines. We believe that such people should represent United Russia as deputies. The “Women’s Movement” will help active women participating in the PG on this path,” emphasized Darya Lantratova.

According to her, only those who can speak the same language with voters and whose vision of the future they are ready to support will be able to become the winner of the procedure.

United Russia has accumulated extensive experience in building high-quality communication with people. The biggest example is the people’s program of the party, which is now being extended to new regions. People made suggestions. Today they see how these proposals are being implemented – schools, hospitals, roads, parks appear. Of course, the LPR has only just begun the restoration of infrastructure, the construction of socially significant facilities. And you, as candidates and deputies, need to pay attention to this work,” said Daria Lantratova.

Also, she stressed, it is necessary to find a balance between the patriotic request and the solution of socio-economic problems.

“The people’s program remains the main marker of the deputies’ work. All mainline projects of United Russia – social gasification, overhaul of schools, construction of paramedical stations and sports facilities in rural areas continue. Despite the difficulties, United Russia was able, when adopting a three-year budget, to provide funding for the provisions of the people’s program, and in some cases to strengthen it. The program is developing, its action is now extended to new regions. And the task is to bring the standard of living in them to the average Russian standards set by the President,” concluded Daria Lantratova.


Recall that the preliminary electronic voting will take place from 22 to 28 May 2023. The campaign period for candidates will end on May 21. Voter registration takes place on the PG.ER.RU website from April 17 to May 26 with verification through the Gosuslugi portal.

Throughout the country, the procedure will be held according to the first, maximally open model, when all voters registered in the territory can vote. In the border areas of the Belgorod region – by the fourth, when voters included in the list approved by the organizing committee of the procedure vote.

On the Single Voting Day, 78 election campaigns will be held in 54 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. More than 34 thousand mandates will be replaced. Residents of the regions will elect deputies of the regional and local levels – 20 legislative assemblies, 16 city dumas of the capitals of the subjects, as well as local governments. Elections of governors will be held in 25 regions, in Khabarovsk – the mayor of the city, in the Crimea – a State Duma deputy in single-mandate constituency No. 19.

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