June 1, 2023
Russian businessman Viktor Bout.

Russian businessman Viktor Bout.

Photo: Oksana ZUYKO

It became known about the plans of Hollywood to shoot a sequel to the movie Lord of War

As you know, this film, and – purely artistic – played a fatal role in the fate of the Russian businessman Viktor Bout.

Let me remind you – he was sentenced by a jury in New York to 25 years in prison.

Bout returned to Russia – as a result of a prisoner exchange – in December 2022.

We discussed the new “sensations” that came from across the ocean with Viktor Anatolyevich himself …

…- We looked at the English version of this strange message. Why did they suddenly decide right now to make a continuation of Lord of War, if the first part of the “Lord of War” did not arouse much interest? (Except perhaps only at a jury trial.) Moreover, the tape hardly paid off by a third?

– Apparently, those circles that were behind the production of the first film decided to resume this business, as it were. Especially after some even stranger messages appeared – like: “Let Booth come back – himself, because something went wrong here, we will change him for someone else.”

That is, these are some kind of “phantom pains” in this very, so to speak, cloaca.

– And what “went wrong”? Do they think it was an unequal exchange, or what?

– Apparently, yes. Why else would propagandists in Hollywood give orders for a sequel to Lord of War?

That is, those who decided to “repeat the experience”, plus all the others who are involved in this – as they say, in the interests. Everyone earns some money, somewhere they cut something. Perhaps the budget allocated for this.

– Isn’t it connected with complications in relations between Russia and the United States?

– Well, of course – this is the main motive.

The more difficult the situation, the more money you can master. This is my humble opinion on the matter.

– Your lawyer…

– Steve Zissou.

Did he give you this information?

– Yes.

– What does he advise?

– Well, he, firstly, observes the development of the situation. And, if the initiators of this venture again somehow – for “artistic purposes” – use the real life conflict in which I found myself … Then he will be ready to sue them – to protect my name and for (as they have ) slander.

– Naturally, we will not give them our Bout. What, are they going to show something else?

– Well, if you consider what was done the first time,

After all, at first the film was released, and then, after 3-4 years, fictitious accusations appeared, based on … purely artistic fiction.

(According to the charges fabricated by the American intelligence services, Bout was also accused of “preparing a conspiracy to kill Americans and provide material support for terrorism.” – A.G.)

Such is the story…

Anything can be expected from our former “partners”, especially now.

– And if we talk about specific episodes that were copied from the screen, but which were not in real life?

– Well, if during the trial the agents openly stated that yes, they say, it was the film “Lord of War” that was for them, so to speak, the source from where they drew their knowledge and understanding of the problems.

– Of course we won’t give you up. Well, let’s say they get Booth. Any new accusations?

– You understand, as they say in America, they can blame – for anything – any bacon sandwich.

That is, the legal system there is completely covered, and it will only get worse. It turns out such a strange thing that, despite this rhetoric that they have a rule of law state, they themselves are destroying their own legal norms.

And, first of all, of course, they destroyed international law, all provisions.

– Clear. That is, an attempt or an idea to film the second portion of the “Lord of War”, behind this is not only Hollywood, but also the political circles that provoked …

– Most likely, it is they who give instructions to Hollywood to shoot, especially such disastrous films.

– Well, they’ll get their ears from a dead donkey, not Booth. We will not give up Bout.

– Well, thank you, Alexander.

– Thank you.

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