June 1, 2023

CSIF unionsCCOO and UGT will resume the mobilizations this coming Thursday, May 11, due to the lack of response from the Ministry of Health and Consumption since May 2, the date on which union organizations and representatives of the Andalusian Administration met for hours without reaching an agreement on a pact for Primary Care that stops the serious situation in which the gateway to the Andalusian public health system finds itself.

The union organizations have decided to reconvene concentrations in the eight provinces in protest for the silence of the Ministry and the lack of will to reach agreements. The disinterest of the Administration is evident, since they summon us very late and without new proposals to reach the necessary global agreement that improves the working conditions of the personnel who work in Primary and the attention that is given to the citizenry.

After the five meetings held to try to reach the Pact for Primary Care, the unions regret the lack of results in the negotiation on the proposals put forward by our organizations, since there is currently no document with concrete measures and accompanied by a report economic.

Unions call for the stabilization of Covid contracts

The three union organizations demand that the serious crisis that Primary Care is going through be stopped with a plan that reinforces the personnel, that stabilizes the 12,000 reinforcement contracts Covid and that allows a more efficient care management, in addition to debureaucratizing Primary consultations.

They also demand measures to retain and attract employees through specific agreements that lead to salary improvements, as well as that the professional performance supplement (CRP) becomes part of the fixed salary mass and that changes are implemented in the professional career model that make it more affordable.

CSIF, CCOO and UGT are also calling for the withdrawal of the pricing order for Primary Care consultations, which opens the door to the privatization of Primary Care consultations and only generates uncertainty.

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