June 1, 2023

Next Sunday, May 14, there will be a demonstration in Seville summoned by the Save Doñana Platformin which civil society will claim the governments their responsibilities with Doñana.

The event will begin in the central Alameda de Hércules, in the columns located at the confluence of Trajano and Amor de Dios streets, and will move through the streets of Seville to the door of the Parliament of Andalusia, an institution that represents the will of the Andalusian citizenry. . Let’s Save Doñana expects a large influx of people from all parts of Andalusia and many from the rest of the country.

From the Platform they emphasize that «in the current situation of global warming, water has been a very scarce resource for decades. The economic model of our days is from the 19th century and is far from adapting to the new situation of water scarcity. The Doñana protected area is going through an unprecedented diversity crisis due to the effects of overexploitation and a dry cycle that has lasted twelve years. In this scenario that is the current and the future, it is necessary to adapt and go together all the inhabitants of the region, the agents involved and the administrations.

We must row in the same direction, towards a new economic model of collective solidarity that has the conservation of Doñana at its center, because otherwise, there will be no water, there will be no future, there will be no Doñana, there will be no agriculture, there will be no tourism. and the Doñana Brand will have lost its excellence and distinction.

Doñana dries up and the Junta de Andalucía, far from being consistent with the situation of persistent drought and deterioration of the aquifer, the ecosystems and the species of Doñana, proposes to approve a law to pardon those who are committing serious infractions: dryland farms that are stealing water from the aquifer for years and crops created with the illegal destruction of forest areas that also steal water. All amnestied, but without the right to water.

The Board has processed the law for the second time before the Municipal Elections, remember that the first was before the last Autonomous Electionson the fast track to bypass public participation and mandatory reports and, therefore, avoiding in-depth knowledge of what is to be done and exactly how, as well as the consequences.

They want to make Andalusians think that by building infrastructures that actually serve other economic purposes that have nothing to do with Doñana, such as the Alcolea dam to damm up water from historical mining that is not acceptable for the ecosystems of Doñana or for people’s health, everything would be solved. But the point is that there is no water, and neither is there in Doñana».

For all these reasons, the Salvemos Doñana Platform and the 41 entities that make up its Coordinator have recovered their spirit of struggle and mobilization “because we are convinced that by uniting and mobilizing we can ‘Save Doñana again’ from unreason and the interests created around the water resource that do not report an improvement in the quality of life or guarantee the conservation of its values ​​to Doñana.

From this initiative we intend to give citizens the voice that has been usurped by not having been able to make allegations and. With actions and mobilizations, we will send the requests contained in our Manifesto on the water of Doñana published in salvemosdoñana.es, which is being supported by thousands of people and hundreds of entities through their signature on that website.

The document is translated into several languages ​​because Doñana is from Andalusia and is a World Heritage Site, so that people from other countries who share it and want to demand the protection of Doñana, its water, its values ​​and with it, its future can join. Let’s Save Doñana invites all kinds of entities and the public to make themselves heard with their support signature in defense of Doñana».

Next Sunday’s demonstration will be accompanied by the batucada Yemú Yembá of women percussionists and will end with the reading of the synthesis of the manifesto by people recognized and loved by the Andalusian people, followed by a poetic act offered by the La Dhákira Sociocultural Association.

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