June 6, 2023

The University of Huelva hosted on May 5 and 6 the XVI Spanish and Euro-American Congress of Sexologywhich has had as its motto ‘Sexology, more than a century of science. A critical reflection from Sexology: present and future’. Organized by the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies (FESS), the congress had the participation of the most relevant professionals who have gathered in this event to share their experiences and research.

The inauguration ceremony of the congress was carried out by the vice-rector for Social and University Projection, Joaquina Castillo, accompanied by the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, by the president of the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies (FESS), Francisca Molero, and by the president of the Congress and director of the Department of Pedagogy of the University of Huelva, Antonio Daniel García.

The XVI Spanish and Euro-American Congress of Sexology addressed issues of professional and social interest, such as comprehensive sexual education, clinical sexology, sexual rights, sexual violence, or love.

The development of the Congress was carried out both in face-to-face and virtual format (streaming), with a program that consisted of conferences, symposiums, round tables, communications and workshops, from the highest levels of demand and scientific quality, also allowing a space for those people who are new to the exciting world of sexuality

Congress of sexology

Antonio Daniel García, president of the Congress, highlighted the need to vindicate this discipline as a science, already having more than a century. “Sexuality is full of myths and prejudices that we have and we must tear down through science”, based on scientific research on the sexual dimension at the clinical, health, educational, etc. level,” García stated. In this sixteenth edition, emphasis has been placed once again on “continuing to work in favor of Sexology as a science, from a multidisciplinary perspective in parallel with training-education”.

The director of the Department of Pedagogy of the UHU and president of the Spanish and Euro-American Congress of this discipline has also pointed out the importance of sexual education as a fundamental way in the objective of “eliminating the social scourge of gender violence”, and of “achieve true equity and equality.” “We will live and express our sexuality freely,” concluded Antonio Daniel García.

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