June 1, 2023

The Huelva City Council and the Huelva Chamber of Commerce inaugurate their training program with the first course underway, carried out in collaboration with the company CEPSA, on ‘Basic Laboratory Operations’ that will be developed in that industrial complex and in which a total of 13 students participate.

Through the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Strategic Planning, the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce de Huelva, are committed to the employability of the citizens of the capital, especially in the Auxiliary industry and foreign trade sectors, developing an ambitious plan made up of more than one hundred free face-to-face and online courses.

The ‘starting gun’ for it has been given with the training action that CEPSA has as a collaborating entity, with the inauguration being held this morning with the participation of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Toscano; the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, the Environment and the Ecological Transition of the Huelva City Council, Manuel Gómez Márquez; from the director of the Energy Park of cepsa in Huelva, Jorge Acitores, and Berta Aramburu, head of Analytical Services of that last company.

He Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Environment and Ecological Transition of the Huelva City Council, Manuel Gómez Márquezhas indicated that “it is an immense satisfaction for the City Council to have the experience and know-how of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Huelva and in this specific case with Cepsa, for the implementation of this training program.

It is important to stage the collaboration of the public and private sectors to provide citizens with the means to develop their vital projects, which always revolve around decent work and employment, and these courses offer an opportunity to broaden horizons and open new doors through training as a lever for adaptation, qualification and updating”.

In this way, he congratulated the participants “for taking advantage of the opportunity with enthusiasm and enthusiasm and for taking the reins of their own future fighting from the present”.

Specialized training at Cepsa

For his part, he President of the Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Toscanohas expressed the importance of having the support of the Huelva City Council, “highlighting its commitment to the business sector, betting on human resources whose training is adapted to the needs of our main economic sectors and thus favor the competitiveness of our companies”.

At the same time, he was grateful that an industrial complex the size of CEPSA “has also committed to a better development of our action plan aimed at enhancing the capacities of the participants”.

He Director of the Energy Park of cepsa in Huelva, Jorge Acitoreshas expressed that “collaborating in this course implies a commitment to innovation and their commitment to local talent, they take advantage of their knowledge and experience to make it available to people who may be interested in developing their working life in the field of laboratories”.

For his part, Berta Aramburu, Head of Analytical Services at CEPSA, stated that “the analytical services of Palos de la Frontera are leaders in Spain, carrying out more than 60,000 tests per month, which means managing more than 20,000 samples per month. For this, 130 people with highly technical training work, which together with a commitment to innovation and digital transformation, makes our center one of the most efficient laboratories, with the capacity to generate value and respond to the needs of Energy Parks. ”.


The program is preferably aimed at unemployed people, who have lost their job or have had to close their business, residents of Huelva capital, who are offered new skills to improve their employability, thus facilitating their return to work. Work market.

Likewise, those people who, even while employed, preferably in sectors in crisis, need to requalify themselves to adapt their curriculum to other economic sectors such as auxiliary industry or international trade, may benefit from this initiative.

The development of this training program has as a previous phase a professional orientation, which will allow directing the applicant to the training that best suits their needs and business demands, with the consequent improvement of their possibilities of insertion.

The courses will be given free of charge and will be offered face-to-face, online and online with streaming sessions, lasting between 20 and 200 hours, depending on the specialty appropriate to the profile of each participant.

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