June 1, 2023

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May, 23rd V 20:00 on STS cooking show premiereBecome a chef“, in which 20 amateur chefs will be trained under the supervision of professionals, and the winner will receive 1 million rubles and an internship in a Moscow restaurant with a Michelin star.

The chief judge and mentor of the heroes will be the brand chef of the legendary Metropol restaurant, the chef of the Michelin restaurant SAVVA and the winner of numerous awards. Andrey Shmakov. He will be accompanied by a chef and a food blogger Alisa Polunina and host of the STS culinary show “ProSTO Kitchen” Alexander Belkovich.

Together with the chefs, the dishes of the project participants will be appreciated by bloggers, actors and presenters: Valya Carnival, Alexey Stolyarov, Yanina Studilina, Vita Kornienko, Zhenya Iskandarova, Karina Cross, Vasily Artemiev, Alexander Rogov, Dmitry Maslennikov And Davawhich together with Milana Khametova recorded the soundtrack “Become a Chef”.

To master the profession of a chef, the heroes will understand the intricacies of the art of cooking, learn the features of culinary specializations and try their hand at fashionable food trends. “Each issue is dedicated to a specific topic: catering, dishes “past and future”, the work of a cook on a ship, street food, children’s food, proper nutrition, – says producer Alexandra Groysman. — Not a day without adventures and unexpected tasks: whether it’s fishing in Murmansk or catering for actors show “Ural dumplings”.

According to Andrey Shmakovthanks to the project, the heroes will not only face non-standard tasks, but in general will find out what awaits them in a professional kitchen: “RThe work of a cook and chef is very difficult: we are on our feet for sixteen hours. You meet different guests with your own tastes and must please everyone. plus chef not only a cook, but also a creator, manager, psychologist, in general, all in one bottle. And in some moments on the set, I am angry, I speak the truth directly and harshly, but only so that the participants understand what it is like to be a chef in reality.

Unlike Shmakov, the chef Alisa Polunina took on the role of motivational coach: “I understand that the guys need to hear words of support, because in such a show you can’t relax even for a second. Filming takes place under constant tension: cameras, timing, always something new, so I try to cheer them up..

Invited experts will also share their knowledge and experience with the participants: the chef of the Russian cuisine restaurant “Matryoshka” and a blogger Vladislav Piskunovbrand chef WOW Group Nikita Kuzmenkostreet food restaurant Victoria Chernyshovachef at Wine Skills restaurant Evgeny Tsyganovbrand chef of the Radisson Royal flotilla Evgeny Lavrin and chef of the restaurant “On Mosfilmovskaya” David Petrosyan.

In each issue of the new TV project, participants will have three courses. The winner of the first receives immunity, at the second the judges determine the applicants for elimination from the show, and at the third they decide who will not be able to continue training.

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