June 2, 2023

He Punta Umbria Town Hall is carrying out from this Wednesday until next May 19 a special crash plan for cockroach control on public roads, both in Punta Umbria like in the port.

The company awarded this service is Athisa. The works entail carrying out specific disinsection and disinfection treatments throughout the sewerage network, with the aim of keeping the sanitation networks in an acceptable state and, if possible, free of cockroaches.

In the words of the Councilor for Health of the Punta Umbrella Council, Tamara Cazorla, “it is possible that in the moments after the treatment some dead insects are observed in the vicinity of the manholes and drains, but it is a controlled situation that should not cause alarm”. Hence, the City Council begs the public to apologize for the inconvenience that these works may cause them.

The operators have started around the Eloy Martín Mayor square and will continue this work until all the affected roads are completed, both in Punta Umbría and El Portil.

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