June 3, 2023

the goalkeeper of Recreational HuelvaAdrian Victores, He was finally able to debut last Sunday in the league against Mancha Real and he had very good feelings. «I was very comfortable for myself and for my teammates, very grateful for them. I hadn’t played for a long time but they showed me their support and I was fine. Also in the Copa del Rey with Burgos I was comfortable and I felt good and I’m available there. Now let’s hope we can play on Sunday against UCAM Murcia. Rubén Gálvez is at a very high level, in this group he is one of the best goalkeepers and that is also my merit because I make him give his best level, I try to learn from him, I would like to play more but I don’t have to reproach Rubén for anything because it is at a high level ».

Regarding the confidence and tranquility that exists in the squad, he acknowledges that “the group is very good, it is the first year that I am in a veteran team, the atmosphere is very good and it is true that having achieved second place frees you but we do not we have felt so pressured

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