June 3, 2023

The center of the Recreational HuelvaManu Galan, has given his opinion on the last match of the regular phase of the league against UCAM Murcia this Sunday. “This match is one more test to show our level. We have to give our best version and go for the game. We all want to compete and be at our best level, I like to play everything and then it’s the coach who decides who plays and who doesn’t. We have met one of the objectives but the most important of all remains and that is why relaxation does not exist for me, we must always be tense and with the maximum possible concentration for the ascent phase that comes our way.

As for possible rivals for the first promotion round, Manu has no predilection. «I don’t care who touches us, we have to go for them. This team competes very well regardless of the fields where we have to play and we are very focused.”

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