June 4, 2023

Photo: Oleg UKLADOV

Hot heads have already begun to sound the alarm and watch the road to Upper Lars. We hasten to disappoint: reservist gathering is an annual event. Their main goal is to update the skills of those who once served “urgent”. After all, how much time has passed since then? Someone has 5:10, and someone has 20 years. During this time, everything that was learned then was hopelessly forgotten, and the technique changed.

TASS military observer, retired colonel Victor Litovkin On the air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” he explained the issues related to the presidential decree:

How many people will be called?

– Up to 150,000 people are called for such gatherings every year. But since now there are 300 thousand mobilized, the figure will be less.

Who is eligible for the call?

– Necessary condition: at least 3 years must pass from the time of service in the army to the training camp. That is, citizens over 23 years old will be called. Privates and sergeants – up to 35 years, ensigns and lieutenants – up to 45 years. Senior officers will not be called up, they are already in the army.”

Who won’t be called?

– Employees of law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, customs and civil service officials who have a reservation are exempted from fees.

How long are fees?

– The maximum duration is two months.

Will I be fired from work during this time?

– At the time of the fees, the person retains his former place of work and the average salary. The salary is paid, depending on the military position and rank.

How will the agenda be sent?

– As usual – by mail or will be issued at the factory.

But according to the head of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov, in a number of regions the agenda for military training will be duplicated electronically.

And most importantly, these are fees for resuming skills. They have nothing to do with mobilization or being sent to the special operation zone!

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