June 6, 2023

Almeria and Huelva will be the next provinces in which the new model of Tax Office. The Ministry of Justice The competition has already been called to cover in both provinces the specific positions of Coordination, Secretary of Management and Distribution of Services, Head of the General Support Area and General Secretary of the Chief Prosecutor that entail the new planned structure.

This was explained this Wednesday in the Parliamentary Commission by the Minister of Justice, Local Administration and Public Function, José Antonio Nieto, who stressed that the deployment throughout Andalusia of the new Fiscal Office is a “priority”.

Nieto has stressed that it is a reorganization of the staff that favors cohesion and teamwork. To do this, we went from very flat templates to a more hierarchical structure with the creation of individualized positions with a delimitation of functions and responsibilities that allow a better use of resources.

Currently, this new model of organization of the troops already works in the Prosecutor’s Offices of Seville and Dos Hermanas, where it was established as a pilot experience in 2017 and 2018; and Córdoba, which was launched in 2021. The counselor stressed that after the regulatory processing of the rest was addressed in the last legislature, this year will be the year of definitive implementation (Almería, Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Algeciras ; Granada, both the provincial one and that of the Superior Prosecutor’s Office; Huelva; Jaén; Málaga and Marbella).

Proof of this is that the List of Job Positions of all the Prosecutor’s Offices have already been approved in order to determine the specific positions and put them out to tender. In addition, this week the calls to fill these positions in Almería and Huelva have been published. Once the contests have been resolved, the corresponding resolution will be published with which the new structure will come into operation in both provinces.

The counselor has announced that the calls for competitions to fill specific positions in Granada and Malaga and during the summer for the rest of the Prosecutor’s Offices will be published shortly.

The cost of setting up the new Prosecutor’s Office in the ten remaining Prosecutor’s Offices amounts to 373,288.38 euros since, in addition to the specific supplements assigned to the new single positions, in some provinces the staff of civil servants will be increased to adapt it to the needs of this structure.

This is the case of Almería, where one more processor will be incorporated (in addition to consolidating another position in this body) and two judicial aids. Thus, the total cost in this province amounts to 109,577 euros. In the case of Huelvathe workforce is not expanded, so the expected cost is that corresponding to the complements of the individualized positions (7,477.56 euros).

The Ministry has developed training actions to inform public prosecutor officials of the new organization system and has drawn up Organization, Positions and Operation Manuals.

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