June 6, 2023

Photo: pixabay.com

In 2023, compensation payments for gasification within the land plot were indexed and increased to 105 thousand rubles. Since the beginning of the year, more than a thousand residents of Kuban have already received state support. In 2022, payments were transferred to 600 citizens, said State Duma deputy from the Krasnodar Territory Svetlana Bessarab.

In addition, the procedure for transferring funds to a gas distribution company was significantly simplified. Now the payment comes from the regional budget immediately to the organization. Previously, privileged categories of citizens were compensated for part of the funds spent after connecting gas to households.

“17 categories of citizens can take advantage of state support in the Krasnodar Territory. Including disabled people, families with disabled children, disabled people and participants of the Great Patriotic War, war veterans and disabled people, families with many children without taking into account income and pensioners, if their average per capita income does not exceed twice the subsistence level, as well as low-income families. It is important that, at the initiative of the governor, the list of beneficiaries included mobilized, contract soldiers, NVO volunteers, as well as members of their families. While our men are defending the country, they must be sure that we, for our part, are comprehensively helping their relatives. And this support should be provided to every family in full,” commented Deputy of the State Duma Svetlana Bessarab.

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