June 6, 2023

Between days 8 and 15 he is recording throughout the province of Huelva a team of program Travelers Fourmade up of reporter Eva Rojas and camera operator Roberto Secunza.

His trip will extend through all the regions of Huelva, without forgetting the capital, by the hand of people from Huelva, among whom are Laura SanchezMariano Peña, Pepe el Marismeño or Carmen Santacruz.

The television space Viajeros Cuatro makes visits to different parts of the world to transfer this experience to its audience, through its inhabitants, its landscapes, cultures and traditions. Its programs have reached close to a million viewers, so it can be considered an exceptional destination promotion tool,

The recording of this Cuatro program is part of the support that the Huelva Film Commission provides to audiovisual projects that choose our province as the setting for filming, both documentary and fiction programs.

During the last months, the audiovisual projects that have chosen Huelva as a set have multiplied.

It has already been broadcast on La 1, and now available on RTVE Play, ‘The hunt. Guadiana’, third season of this series after the success of ‘La Caza. Monteperdido’ and ‘The Hunt. Tramuntana’. The performances of Megan Montaner, Alain Hernández and Félix Gómez immerse us in an intriguing plot, shot on the Guadiana River, with Sanlúcar de Guadiana and Ayamonte as protagonists.

Sanlúcar de Guadiana is also the setting for one of the episodes of the ninth season of ‘Volando Voy’, Jesús Calleja’s program that covers the most interesting landscapes of the Spanish geography from a helicopter view. It will be broadcast next fall and will certainly not leave anyone indifferent due to its enormous human and emotional charge.

Huelva will also be the protagonist in the broadest sense of the word of the series ‘Operation English Quarter’, whose action takes place during World War II and whose protagonists are British and German spies who move through our province. Filming is taking place in the capital, Punta Umbría and Minas de Riotinto, with actors like Aria Bedmar or Rubén Cortada. This series is a RTVE co-production with Onza (producer of El Ministerio del Tiempo) and the Andalusian company Emociona Media.

It also highlights the filming of ‘Party’s over’production of La Claqueta, with exteriors in Chucena and Hinojos, about the drama of immigration, without forgetting the program of La 2 ‘A country to read it’cultural magazine that tours different Spanish cities portraying their literary environment.

Huelva Film Commission

Through the Tourism Innovation Agency, the Provincial Council has been promoting this tool for tourism promotion and economic development with the aim of achieving new challenges such as increasing the number of audiovisual filming in our regions, boosting the projection and national and international promotion of our province and generate a positive impact on the local economy of our territory, preserving its social and cultural identity and its sustainability.

The Huelva Film Commission is in charge of facilitating locations and acting as an intermediary between the audiovisual sector and the institutions, offering the production companies all the information and actions necessary for the development of the shootings and coordinating the municipalities of the province interested in offering themselves as places of filming.

Huelva has a wide background as a filming destination, with more than twenty films shot in our province, as well as television series, advertising campaigns, music videos or entertainment programs.

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