June 1, 2023

Last weekend the first western phase of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup and Pre-Cup was held at El Velódromo de Dos Hermanas. The Huelva club GR Huelva He came with a large expedition of gymnasts belonging to the club and the Almonte school.

The Prebenjamin Precopa team performed a great performance, highlighting their sympathy and knowing how to be on the mat despite their young age, they were awarded a medal of bronze

The Precopa children’s team, for its part, performed an excellent performance, very correct, expressive and dynamic, the 5 gymnasts found no rival and won the long-awaited gold

The sets, teams and gymnasts classified among the top eight got a diploma, in the case of the pre-copa alevín team, made up of Carmen González and Elsa Lobo with a well-deserved sixth place.

Alejandra Pavón participated for GR Huelva in Cuerda Equipos Cup, obtained a well-deserved sixth place, placing itself above the middle of the classification table, obtaining another diploma.

GR Huelva hoop team

Carmen González Alevin hoop team, performed an excellent performance even though it was her first year with apparatus, her great exercise has positioned her in 4th place, a few tenths behind the 3rd position of 34 gymnasts shining for its elegance on the tapestry

Carmen Castilla Alevin Precopa hoop team, surprised with a beautiful performance getting a deserved 6th place out of 34 gymnasts and although it is also the first year that she has performed an exercise with an apparatus, she is a gymnast who stands out for her handling with the apparatus and her elegance on the mat.

It is worth noting the notable competition held by the gymnasts from the Almonte school who attended with the GR Huelva expedition.

The GR Huelva technical team approves this first phase with flying colors, although they are aware that there is still a lot to do between now and the next appointment, in which work must be polished to make it shine on the mat.

The weekend was also marked by the concentration of the CETD of Marbella where the 7 gymnasts belonging to the follow-up plan attended:

Rocío Gálvez, Claudia Pacheco, Inés Martín, Alicia Marquez, Daniela Fernández, Daniela Cabezas, Nerea Villegas,

Andrea Jimenez and Julia Barba belong to the CETD They also took advantage of the weekend to concentrate with their teammates from the Andalusian team

The entity appreciates the collaboration of El Puerto and Huelva greets you.

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