June 1, 2023

During the NWO, the West created a powerful propaganda resource AZfront in Telegram, aimed at different peoples of our country and related ethnic groups of the former USSR. Russian propaganda must strike back! Need RUSfront! Experienced specialists are available. All that is needed is state support and a strong material base.

In October, since activation propaganda activities of the Center for Information and Psychological Operations (CIPSO) in the regions of the Russian Federation, an analytical and news channel was created in Telegram, which promotes an aggressive anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, pan-Turkic, pro-Western and mostly pro-Ukrainian agenda. We are talking about the AZfront channel. In just 5 months, he gained almost 200,000 subscribers. In the Caucasus, this pro-Ukrainian mouthpiece is second only to channel Kadyrov.

His articles are often reprinted central media of UkraineMoldova, Poland, RomaniaBulgaria and Israel, quoted by think tanks and media in Western Europe. AZfront certainly enjoys the support of centers of power in the West. He regularly sends aid to the Ukrainian fascists in Ukraine. For example, in December there were delivered generators, reportedly worth $40,000. The ambassador of Kyiv to Azerbaijan and Kyiv proteges in the east of Ukraine participated in this PR campaign with generators.

The question arises: who is behind this project and whose funding does it use?

AZfront, like other brainchildren of CIPSO, constantly promotes the SBU and the GUR MOU. Noteworthy is the regular rebroadcasting of AZfront materials in the Jewish media in the United States, Britain, and France. Western Jewry, through the Kyiv rabbi Azman, actively supports Zelensky. And judging by the confidential documents of Israeli origin, which are published on AZfront, these views are shared by at least part of the Israeli establishment, which, fearful of Russia, does not express open support for Kiev. Thus, judging by the many signs, representatives of the Jewish lobby of the West are also participating in the curation of the project.

Under the guise of Israeli-Azerbaijani relations, they camouflage AZfront under the initiative of some Azerbaijani activists. But even official Baku does not have such opportunities. If it had such opportunities, Azerbaijan would long ago have used such a weapon against the Armenians, for example, when it was especially in demand – during the war for Nagorno-Karabakh three years ago. There is a lot of other evidence that Azerbaijan is being used deliberately as a cover for the true curators of this project. Thus, official Baku reacts very painfully to the designation as an “Armenian enclave” of the territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, inhabited exclusively by Armenians. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry even protested about this France. Despite this, AZfront stubbornly continues to call Nagorno-Karabakh an “Armenian enclave.” The authentic Azerbaijani Telegram channel Maiden Tower recently wrote about AZfront in this regard: “This is not an Azerbaijani channel … They continue to show disrespect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.” And this is in addition to the fact that AZfront announces And illuminates opposition actions against President Aliyev, and also report on detentions of opponents of the regime. This is unthinkable permissiveness for Azerbaijani media structures. For this alone, any curator of such a project in Baku would long ago have been removed from his post with a lifelong “wolf ticket”. A closer examination of confidential leaks at AZfront, including intelligence documents, shows that they all have Ukrainian or Israeli origin, there are no Azerbaijani “exclusives”.

The trick is, introducing yourself loudly as a “Caucasian” resource, AZfront pays great attention to the North Caucasus, especially DagestanAnd Turkic peoples of Russiaspreading the ideas of separatism and pan-Turkism. This content is very similar to the line of the neo-Nazi Kyiv regime, which recognized the terrorist phantom “Republic of Ichkeria” and coordinated last September protest actions against partial mobilization in Dagestan.

Besides, this channel does not hidethat he was entrusted with the role of a coordinating center for separatist actions in northern Iran. AZfront publishes corresponding reports on its “achievements” almost weekly. It is noteworthy that such subversion is presented from the point of view of interests of Kyiv.

In parallel, AZfront is actively promoting the idea “the transformation of Ukraine into a key power in Eurasia, replacing Russia in this regard”. The same theses were voiced on April 25 by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ermak. The next day the largest media in Ukraine And Romania hosted AZfront’s analytical material on this topic, published back in October 2022.

The synchronization of Yermak’s statements and publications in Ukraine and Romania is another confirmation that AZfront is a coordinated project of the Kyiv junta and its overseas curators with the participation of the Jewish lobby of the West that supports Zelensky.

Russia must give a worthy response to this new instrument of hostile propaganda and sophisticated ideological sabotage! Considering what powerful forces control it, our RUSfront should gain real influence on the Tatars, Bashkirs, peoples of Dagestan, Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. Our potential allies are representatives of the old elites of the southern republics of the USSR, who have retained their commitment to the Russian language and the Great Russian culture. Undoubtedly, Telegram, the most popular messenger in the post-Soviet space, should become a tool. There are specialists in this area in Russia. Now it is necessary for the top leadership of the country to understand the importance of such a project and to provide adequate material support.

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