June 6, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

This year, the series “SashaTanya” is preparing for its 10th anniversary with a new eighth season, which comes out on May 15 on TNT. During this time, the series was remembered by the audience not only for its humor and life situations, in which Sasha, Tanya and their friends get into each episode, but also for various star cameos. The new season will not be an exception, because a new star client will turn to Meridian to insure his car, and, as usual, Sasha will get it. True, Sergeev, in his classical manner and not without a desire to show off, will find himself in a very delicate situation, getting out of which will not be so easy. To brighten up the expectation of new episodes, we invite you to remember which star cameos have already appeared in past seasons of the long-lived sitcom.

Christmas tree

Even in the very first season, which was released back in 2013, the singer Yolka starred in the episode dedicated to Tanya’s birthday. She appeared at the Sergeyevs’ home party at the invitation of Sylvester Andreevich and sang her famous song: “In a big balloon.”

“I I am glad to participate in the filming of an episode of the series “SashaTanya” – it was a lot of fun! It’s always nice to see the process from the inside. It was incredibly interesting to watch the well-coordinated work of professionals who do their job with great love and enthusiasm.”– the singer Yolka shared her feelings after filming.

Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya starred in the New Year’s series number 1. He was supposed to be a guest comedian of Sylvester Andreyevich, but he tried to cancel the performance, citing a delay at the airport, for which he was nicknamed “glamorous bastard.”

Catherine Barnabas

In the fifth episode of the second season, Ekaterina Varnava appeared in the role of an extremely arrogant and dissatisfied VIP client of the Meridian company. The actress tried to insure her breasts for a million, however, only according to Sasha’s version.

Maxim Golopolosov

In the fifteenth episode of the third season, the popular blogger Maxim Golopolosov appeared, who played himself and, according to the plot, was ready to do anything for the sake of money, even run out of the mausoleum naked in order to switch attention from the video about Sylvester Andreyevich to himself.


Rapper Dzhigan appeared in the sixteenth episode of the fourth season. First, Tanya, Eva and Katya danced at his concert, then Eva got on stage, and Dzhigan fell out of favor with Sylvester Andreevich for this. However, everything ended well, and the singer’s car was moved only once, and then by accident.

Marina Fedunkiv

In the fifth episode of the sixth season, Marina Fedunkiv appeared, but, unlike many of the above stars, the actress did not play herself, but the wife of one of the workers at the new plant, Sylvester Andreevich, by the name of Sidorchuk, enterprising and how formidable, which frightened not only the businessman, but and his bodyguard Gena.

Olga Buzova

And in the twenty-sixth episode of the sixth season, Olga Buzova appeared, who was insured by Sasha. True, this could not be done in the office, and I had to go to the site, where in one day he managed to show everyone a female corset, and insure Olga herself, and save her life, and get a shocker for this, but the star, it seems, was not offended .

“Fortunately, we didn’t shoot this scene first, and I managed to get used to both the film crew and my partners in the series. If we had started with her, probably, there would have been slightly different, not so bright emotions in her, but it seems to me that we managed to do everything sincerely and very funny.– Olga Buzova shared her impressions about the shooting.

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