June 1, 2023

City of Huelva and Huelva Commerce Viridis The final promotion phase of the EBA League begins this Thursday, whose group A, divided into two subgroups, is disputed in the Andrés Estrada. The champion of each subgroup and the winner of the clash that on Sunday faces the two second classified will be the ones that achieve the category promotion.

The City of Huelva is measured this Thursday at CB Puerto Sagunto; on Friday at Pajarraco CB Santfeliuenc; and on Saturday to Uros de Rivas. The three crashes at 7:00 p.m.

For its part, Huelva Comercio has Refitel Basket Lliria as rivals on Thursday; Ucoga Seguros Chantada on Friday; and UEM Mataró Homs, on Saturday. All three games at 1:00 p.m.

Analysis of the eight candidates for the Final Phase in Huelva

Balance: 23-1 (96%)
Pts in favour: 86.0 | Points against: 62.1
Scorers: Victor Nickerson: 14.3 | Chemari Morales: 12.9 | Juanma Onion: 12.7
Rebounds: Chemari Morales 8.3 | Fede Ristori: 6.7 | Victor Nickerson: 5.8
Assists: Fran Cárdenas: 4.0 | Christian I followed: 2.8 | Javi Montaner: 2.7
Initial quintet: F. Cárdenas | A. Garcia Quilez | F. Ristori | V. Nickerson | j.morales
It is the third consecutive occasion that Pedro Vadillo’s men have reached the Final Phase, and the second with the advantage of being local. This season they have been true dominators of Conference D (they only lost the last Regular League match with first place already confirmed). The usual squad of recent years (Fran Cárdenas, Víctor Pérez, Juanma Cebolla…) signed Fede Ristori, Álvaro García-Quilez and Christian Seguí from their great rival in the city, in addition to recovering the American Victor Nickerson.

Balance: 22-2 (92%)
Pts in favour: 88.3 | Points against: 67.6
Scorers: Alberto Artiles (12.9) | Gowin Boahen (11.6) | Mark Hetor (11.0)
Rebounds: Aziz Fadika (8.1) | Edmon Koyanouba (7.3) | Cameron Gaines (7.1)
Assists: Godwin Boahen (3.2) | Alberto Artiles (2.1 | Wasin El Otmani (2.1)
Starting Quintet: G. Boahen | A. Artiles | A. Matos | C. Gaines | To Fadika
The second team from the city of Huelva, led by Gabi Carrasco, is one of the most physical in Conference D and with a spectacular average number of points scored (88.3). With Edmont Koyanouba, Aziz Fadika, Cameron Gaines, Mark Hetor and Ebrahim Sima (Yankuba’s brother) they make up a very powerful inside game. And the mid-season arrival of the European U18 champion, Niko Cebrián, has made him more dangerous on the outside. A team to keep in mind that has only lost two games this season (both against its rival in the city).

Balance: 18-9 (67%)
Pts in favour: 73.5 | Points against: 65.1
Scorers: Alberto Torres: 13.6 | Angel Gomez: 11.3 | Miguel Young: 10.4
Rebounds: Ángel Gómez: 6.4 | Sharif Idris: 5.9 | Michael Young: 4.7
Assists: David Avila: 4.5 | Deyan Colado: 3.0 | Alberto Torres: 2.8
Initial quintet: D. Ávila | E. Gomez | A.Torres | S Idris | R Bivolaru
Another team that faces its third consecutive participation in an EBA League Final Phase. Two years ago he was one victory away from promotion. Movistar Estudiantes was the team that won the decisive match between the second placed in each group. This year he travels to Huelva after having eliminated the schoolboys in the clash that gave the third passport of Conference B. It is true that they arrive with a renewed team, with good performance from the signings this summer: Alberto Torres (Huelva Comercio) , Eduardo Gómez (Lujisa Guadalajara) or Sherif Idris (CB La Solana).

Balance: 21-6 (78%)
Pts in favour: 75.5 | Points Against: 64.0
Scorers: Carlos Sales: 15.4 | Marco Tortarolo: 11.1 | Pablo Bono: 10.8
Rebounds: Pablo Bono: 12.3 | Carlos Sales: 5.4 | Andreu Monrabal: 5.0
Assists: Andreu Monrabal: 4.1 | Carlos Sales: 2.3 | Marco Tortarolo: 1.4
Initial quintet: A. Monrabal | H Gomez | C. Sales | Q. Bonus | M. Tortarolo
It is, together with Uros de Rivas, the last team to get the passport for the Final Phase. Third ranked in the Conference, CB Puerto Sagunto has gone from less to more during the season. He was advancing in the classification teams that started with more assets (NB Torrent, CB Sueca Fustes Bonet, Esportiú Vila-Real…) to come across Sercomosa Molina whom he beat in an even match. The arrival from Paterna of two players such as Pablo Bono and Andreu Monrabal have given consistency to a team in which Carlos Sales is the club’s benchmark and Hugo Gómez his great promise.

Balance: 21-5 (81%)
Pts in favour: 85.9 | Points Against: 71.7
Scorers: Nil Bria: 15.1 | Adria Codinachs: 12.2 | Guim Exposito: 11.2
Rebounds: Adriá Codinachs: 6.6 | Juame Zanca: 5.8 | Mohamadou Diop: 5.8
Assists: Guim Exposito: 4.8 | Victor Castellon: 3.7 | David Fernandez: 3.3
Initial quintet: G. Expósito | J Zanca | N. Bria | A. Codinachs | M Diop
Being champion of Conference C is synonymous with being a favorite for promotion to LEB Plata. Pajarraco CB Sanfeliuenc is one of those teams that is progressing year after year (last season it was 8th in the group) and has a squad of high-level national players with experience in LEB leagues: Nil Bria, Guim Expósito and Mouhamadou Diop They have played in Gold, Jaume Zanca in Silver and Adriá Codinachs is the great pearl of the quarry at just 21 years old. A very serious team that wants to follow in the footsteps of Catalan teams that have recently been promoted to LEB Plata: Barça and Hospitalet last time, or Group Mollet last time.

Balance: 23-3 (88%)
Pts in favour: 77.6 | Points against: 58.8
Scorers: Daniel Stefanuto: 15.6 | Carlos Noguerol: 14.2 | Cristian Iglesias: 10.6
Rebounds: Cristian Iglesias: 6.9 | Alioune Senghor: 6.4 | Alejandro Rodriguez: 6.0
Assists: Carlos Noguerol: 5.3 | Cristian Iglesias: 2.8 | Alejandro Rodriguez: 2.5
Initial Quintet: C. Noguerol | A. Roidríguez | Mr Stefanuto | C. Iglesias | A. Diaz
Alberto Fafián’s men are one of those classic teams in the EBA League. He was in the Final Phase of 2021 in Salou and in 2019 in Bembibre. And now they will fight again for promotion in Huelva. They arrive as the first classified in Conference A, ahead in their group of very powerful squads such as Mundioma Marín, Círculo Gijón and Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa.

Balance: 24-3 (89%)
Pts in favour: 80.5 | Points against: 64.6
Scorers: Carlos Cerdán: 14.0 | Ximo Rodenas: 10.9 | Victor Perez: 10.6
Rebounds: Jules Ndoye; 5.9 | Jose Ignacio Dunk: 5.8 | Carlos Cerdan: 5.1
Assists: Carlos Cerdán: 3.9 | Victor Perez: 3.3 | Ximo Rodenas: 2.1
Starting Quintet: V. Faubel | V. Perez | C. Cerdan | R. Ramos | S.Ndoye
He has been the great dominator of the EA Group throughout the season, and surprised Proinbeni UPB Gandía in the match that determined the first place in the group. A historic city and a team that has the option of moving up in category after a long time with a very powerful squad. Abroad, a lot of talent and seniority: Faubel (39 years old), Pérez and Ródenas (32) plus the signing of the most decisive player in the competition, Carlos Cerdán. Inside, a lot of physicality and youth with Sauleymane Ndoye as a reference.

Balance: 23-3 (88%)
Pts in favour: 82.1 | Points against: 69.7
Scorers: Jordi Juanola: 20.3 | Pol Canovas: 10.1 | Omaru Toure: 9.3
Rebounds: Omaru Toure: 9.8 | Jordi Juanola: 7.3 | Pol Canovas: 6.1
Assists: Jordi Juanola: 2.9 | Mark Traver: 2.1 | Albert Vinallonga: 1.7
Starting Quintet: M. Traver | J. Juanola | A. Vinallonga | G. Marti | O.Toure
The second of the Catalan teams at the Huelva headquarters is one of the historic clubs, with almost 100 years of history and with special care for the quarry. They were second in Group C-1 with only three defeats and with a fully national squad with club players talented enough to be able to compete in higher competitions. Commitment for players like Jordi Juanola (second highest scorer in the conference), Gerbert Martí (with experience in Gold) and Omaru Toure (the physicist inside).

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