June 3, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

The broadcast of the trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attracted a huge audience, and, in fact, became a live series, the dramatic and comedic turns of which people followed live. By the premiere of the Star Court series on TNT with Maria Gorban and Maxim Lagashkin (whose authors were inspired by the Depp and Hurd trial), we recall various series that vividly illustrated historical trials.

“Star Court”

There is a stir in Russian show business: actress Marina Khrumkina has released a book that her husband, actor Dmitry Petrovsky, is a terrible abuser. The couple is about to divorce, and this process is closely followed by the press, which needs fried facts. Fortunately, Khrumkina and Petrovsky lived loudly, and they have something to please journalists and fans. The series “Star Court” is an eccentric comedy based on funny situations from the lives of two charming characters. The hook for the writers was the very trial between Depp and Hurd, but they transferred it to Russian soil. It turned out funny and recognizable.

From May 15 at 21:00 on TNT


Another Russian series sends viewers back to the sixties and tells about the lawyer Nina Metlitskaya. Its prototype was the real Soviet human rights activist and lawyer Dina Kaminskaya, who wrote the book “Notes of a Lawyer” – it formed the basis of the script for “Defenders”. Kaminskaya participated as a lawyer in the trials of Soviet dissidents, in which she defended Vladimir Bukovsky, Yuri Galanskov, Anatoly Marchenko, Larisa Bogoraz and Pavel Litvinov. Metlitskaya in the retro detective was played by actress Mari Vorozhy, who, according to director Vladimir Kotta, was chosen due to her naive, even childish manner of speaking serious speeches and thereby achieving an amazing effect.


The large-scale drama by Nikolai Lebedev, which can be seen on May 9 immediately after the Victory Parade on TNT, tells about the world’s most famous trial. Starring – Sergey Kempo, Lyubov Aksyonova, Evgeny Mironov, Sergey Bezrukov. 1945 The International Military Tribunal begins its work in Nuremberg. The young translator Igor Volgin will work as part of the Soviet delegation led by Colonel Migachev. One day, on the street of Nuremberg, Volgin meets a Russian girl, Lena, who was taken prisoner. Igor and Lena immediately liked each other, but wartime is not over yet, and their love faces tragic difficulties.

May 9, immediately after the Victory Parade on TNT

“Inventing Anna”

This series by Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner who created one of the most popular crime series How to Get Away with Murder, is, in fact, an adaptation of The Cut’s investigation of “How Anna Delvey Scammed New York Party People” by journalist Jessica Pressler. In preparation for the role of con artist Anna Delvey, Julia Garner visited her in prison on Rikers Island. The series begins as an acquaintance of two bright heroines and gradually turns into a court drama filled with a huge amount of details, which is extremely interesting to follow.

“American Crime Story”

If Depp and Heard’s trial got on MeToo’s nerves and added to its popularity, then the trial of athlete OJ Simpson intersected with talk of racial intolerance in 1990s America. American Crime Story is an almanac whose different seasons are devoted to high-profile cases, and specifically its first season about OJ Simpson and the last one about Bill Clinton’s girlfriend Monica Lewinsky are dedicated to the courts. Showrunner Ryan Murphy focused on the nitty-gritty details of the trials, barely embellishing them for the sake of drama, because there was enough drama in these trials that rocked America.

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