June 1, 2023

The brothers with voting rights of the Real Brotherhood of Emigrants of Nuestra Señora del Rocío de Huelva are called tomorrow, Thursday, May 11, from 12:00 to 9:30 p.m., in a general assembly of elections to ratify Maria Dolores Palanco-Gilthe only person who has applied for the position of older sister of the pilgrimage 2024.

Palanco, a 52-year-old from Huelva, married and a school monitor, has been linked to the Rociera branch “for almost forty years thanks to my uncles, Salvador and Chari, who began to make the pilgrimages on foot and as a result of that we were making contact with the Brotherhood. We became brothers and we have been collaborating with her in everything we could”.

‘Otra Palanco’ was already an older sister

Likewise, he remembers how his sister Inma Palanco was an older sister in 2011 and how he would have liked her to have given him the rod for the following year, “but due to life circumstances it could not be.”

February 28 was the key date for her to take the step of presenting her candidacy. That day she took a picture of herself with her older sister’s staff and looking at the Pilgrim Shell, she said, “My God, one day I’ll take you.”

She showed that image to her husband, who told her “how good you look ‘joia’.” Later, she showed it to her sister, who was with her current older sister and her husband, who kept encouraging her to introduce herself.

She talked about it with her husband, but she waited until she saw the reaction of her uncles, since she wanted them both to experience it as they felt with her sister and “the main ones”, as she affectionately calls them, gave their approval so that one more than excited Mariló registered his candidacy in the secretariat of the brotherhood.

Mariló calls on all the brothers with the right to vote to participate and decide, “demonstrating that Emigrantes is a living brotherhood as it has always been.” She also highlights the importance of a quorum to endorse the decision that is adopted and she reminds that nothing has been decided yet.

Huelva’s new script

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, the new script for Huelva will be on display, starting at 12 noon, in the chapel of the brotherhood house on Paseo de las Glorietas, which, as previously reported, is designed by José María Carrasco and has been Made in the embroidery workshop in the Sevillian town of Salteras. His blessing will be on May 24 during the Romeros mass.

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