May 30, 2023

The candidate socialist to the mayor’s office in Lucena de Puerto, David Vivashas stated that he is presenting himself to the elections on May 28 “With great enthusiasm, with great desire and with the best town project to promote that real change that Lucena del Puerto needs and now is the time.”

He said it in a public act where he announced his candidacy, “we are eleven people, fully prepared, trained, serious, hard-working and very excited, a candidacy that knows the needs of Lucena del Puerto and in which we combine youth and experience, since we take people of different ages, from young to older to be able to cover the widest possible area”.

A presentation that brought together numerous neighbors who supported the socialist candidacy and which included the intervention of the Andalusian parliamentarian and Secretary of Training of the Federal Executive of the PSOE, María Márquez, who pointed out that “David is the best mayor who can having Lucena del Puerto, we come here to defend happiness, to defend the future of this town and that things can be done well”.

María Márquez has indicated that “Lucena del Puerto has to wake up, it was a benchmark in the County and it has to be again, and that can only be guaranteed by David Vivas, who has already shown that things can be done differently. Choosing David is choosing a guarantee for this municipality, so that it is a town of opportunities and a benchmark for the province of Huelva”.

For this, David Vivas has surrounded himself with the “best people, the best team and the best aspirations and proposals for Lucena del Puerto, because we want our municipality to be at the level of all the towns that surround us.”

Among the numerous projects for Lucena del Puerto, the socialist candidate wanted to highlight, above all, three: “A much-needed Day Center for the elderly; carry out a complete renovation of the town center, its streets and the square; and the construction of a theater, with an open space for the celebration of conferences: agricultural, cultural; and, furthermore, with an amphitheater where young people can enjoy their time there and be able to hold concerts and other events, that youth can have that open space for them and them”.

For the socialist candidate, “it is time that Lucena del Puerto also stands out in cultural matters and develops in this area, beginning with the construction of this theater where films can be shown, plays, shows and all kinds of of events”.

“We have to offer the best for this municipality, that people have and can enjoy in Port Lucena of the largest public services, without having to go out, because that gives life to our town and well-being to our people”, David Vivas highlighted.

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