June 2, 2023

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In spring, the number of visitors to fitness clubs increases noticeably, and you can increasingly see people doing sports on the streets and in parks. IC Rosgosstrakh Life and Otkritie Bank in the course of a joint survey* decided to find out how Volgograd residents are preparing for the summer. 47% consider it necessary to exercise and eat right to prepare for the summer season. Almost a third of respondents (31%) are accustomed to taking care of themselves regardless of the season and do not specifically prepare for the summer, and 22% of respondents do not monitor their own physical shape at all.

Of those who always adhere to a healthy lifestyle or are just going to get in shape for the summer, almost two-thirds of those surveyed (65%) like to play sports or fitness, but are not used to discipline themselves in food. In order to get in shape, only one in four (26%) go in for sports and eat right. There are also those (9%) who prefer to eat right without physical exertion.

At the same time, more than two-thirds of respondents who want to look good in the warm season are ready to reconsider their attitude to nutrition. Thus, 38% of respondents said that they had already begun to control food intake, half of them with the help of diets (the most popular was low-carbohydrate, 47% of those who follow a diet choose it). Every sixth (18%) notes that they always adhere to proper nutrition, and 16% plan to start controlling their diet in the near future. About a third of Volgograd residents are used to eating without any restrictions.

When choosing an approach to a healthy lifestyle, Volgograd residents use different sources of information. 27% rely on their life experience and knowledge. 26% listen to advice from the Internet and specialized books about training and nutrition, the same number use the recommendations of friends and acquaintances who have knowledge about sports and proper nutrition or have had personal positive experience. Every sixth (16%) turns to a nutritionist or trainer, and 5% use the experience of bloggers specializing in healthy lifestyles.

The most important law of maintaining physical fitness and health is habit. To look good and feel healthy, you need to know the characteristics of your body, eat right and engage in physical activity taking into account your physiological capabilities in order to get real benefits, and not harm yourself with overly exhausting diets or workouts for quick results. Professional advice will help in this. With the “Pro healthy lifestyle” program of IC “Rosgosstrakh Life” for clients of Otkritie Bank, you can easily take the first step into a new high-quality life. The program provides for a medical examination, which includes a blood test (more than 30 indicators), online consultations with a psychologist, therapist or pediatrician and other highly specialized specialists, as well as recommendations from a nutritionist-nutritionist with a nutrition plan, vitamin intake and a personal trainer who will develop individual training program”, – says the head of the department for the development of insurance products and services of IC Rosgosstrakh Life, Gulnara Orlova.


*Poll 1236 respondents conducted in all regions of Russia in April 2023.

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