June 2, 2023

The Ministry of Employment, Business and Self-Employment maintains Open enrollment period to participate in the first of the free courses of the ‘5G Technology Training’ program that will be taught in Huelva, promoted in collaboration with Vodafone and Integra Knowledge & Innovation. Specifically, it is the first edition of the course on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Big Data’which will begin on June 19.

Applications can be submitted until Monday, May 22, preferably electronically through the Virtual Office of Vocational Training for Employment of the Ministry itself, at the links https://lajunta.es/429fg and https://lajunta.es/429fi. Registration can also be formalized via email (info@formacionen5g.es), or in person, at the offices of Integra Knowledge & Innovation, on Arquitectura street (Tower 7, 4th floor, Letters 5-6).

The course offer 45 places for unemployed people, who will have the opportunity to train over 150 teaching hours taught in a mixed modality of remote training and face-to-face. The Ministry of Employment, Business and Self-Employment offers this training both in Huelva and in the other four cities chosen as venues for the development of this innovative action: Algeciras, Malaga, Villacarrillo (Jaén) and Seville.

The ‘5G Technology Training’ program has a budget of 4.8 million euros to train 3,240 Andalusians over the next two years in a sector that, according to all forecasts, will demand a high number of professionals over the next decade . In fact, the ‘III Study on the State of the Digitization of Spanish Companies and Public Administrations’ reveals that almost 50% of large companies and 55% of Administrations consider 5G as a relevant technology for the future of their organizations.

In total, the program has 486,000 hours distributed in 72 editions. Although the positions are mainly aimed at unemployed people, 30% of the vacancies are reserved for employed workers interested in the subject, who will thus be able to acquire new skills and improve their professional prospects.

Vodafone Spain was the telecommunications operator, in a joint venture with Integra Conocimiento & Innovación, chosen by the Ministry of Employment, Business and Training to provide the centers where the program is taught with its Technology 5G and the rest of the technical requirements necessary for the development of the courses. For its part, Integra Knowledge & Innovation, a center accredited by the Ministry of Employment, will be in charge of imparting the training specialties to the students.

Through its team of professionals, technologies and pedagogical experience, this consulting company will provide the necessary methodology so that the learning process of the participants is effective and successful in terms of promotion and new job opportunities. For more information, interested persons can consult the following web addresses: https://bit.ly/Empleo5G5 and https://formacionen5g.es/

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