May 30, 2023
Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Alina Kabaeva actively engaged in social activities. She supports young gymnasts and sometimes speaks out on important topics. So, Olympic champion made a frank speech before the people.

Alina Kabaeva made an important announcement on the occasion of Victory Day. She called May 9 “a sacred day for all.”

“The Great Patriotic War touched every family, came to every home, and now resonates in the heart of every inhabitant of our country. My grandfather also fought, was on the Leningrad front. On the Road of Life, he carried food to the residents of the besieged city,” Alina said at the rhythmic gymnastics competition.

She promised that the descendants will forever remember the price of the victory. After all, everyone now living in Russia owes his life to people who fought on the fronts and in the rear.

“They gave him a future. And nowour task is to protect the world and preserve the memory of the exploits of our grandfatherstelling about them to other generations. We will do everything so that the lessons of that war are never forgotten,” the gymnast assured.

Recall Alina Kabaeva – the most famous pupil of Irina Viner. Very young in 1995, she joined the coach’s group. She was 11 years old. Five years later, at the Sydney Olympics, she won bronze. Another four years passed, and Alina took the gold medal in Athens.

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