June 6, 2023

Photo: administration of Nevinnomyssk

The head of Nevinnomyssk, Hero of Russia Mikhail Minenkov spoke about the inhabitants of Lake Bublik, located in the PRP microdistrict.

“Bublik Lake in the PRP microdistrict appeared several years ago and quickly gained the love of the townspeople. It is unlikely that such a hydronym as “Bublik” is found anywhere else. There is no such thing in the Stavropol Territory. Bagel is not just a lake, Bagel is an ecosystem. Here you have a fish, here you have a bird, there is a place for a botanist, an ornithologist, and an ichthyologist to roam,” the head of the city noted.

So, for example, ducks feel great on the lake. Vacationers do not offend them, they feed them, so waterfowl actively bring offspring.

“The first duck offspring went for a walk. Mother in front, ducklings behind. Beautiful, funny, to the delight of adults and children. You look and think – but life goes on! Mikhail Minenkov emphasized.

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