May 30, 2023

The Collective Agreement that began to be negotiated with the previous concessionaire of the street cleaning service of the City Council of valverde del Camino has finally concluded with a new collective agreement that improves remuneration with a moderate salary increase for these next years 2023 to 2025 that could arrive depending on the dates of entry of companies with the next tender up to 9.5% in 2025.

The estimate of Jesús Tormo, Secretary of the Public Services Sector of UGT Huelvais that the rise at the end of the three years of validity of the agreement will be approximately 9 percent.

Despite the salary moderation imposed by some initial conditions of the contract that implied an improvement in the service provided in the town, a reduction in the working day has also been achieved, which goes from 37 hours and a half to 35 hours a week as of January 2024 and a gradual annual increase in the days of own affairs up to the 6 that most public employees enjoy.

Likewise, the distribution of the weekly working day is improved, which becomes generally from Monday to Friday, consolidating the contracts for weekends and holidays in order to provide a daily public service.

A long negotiation for the agreement

Therefore, a long stage of collective bargaining ends, but with an agreement labeled by the Trade Union Organization as “very balanced” but which must serve as the basis for the economic part to be improved in the future in order to guarantee the recovery of power. once the reduction in the working day has been achieved, which could be put into operation after this coming summer on an experimental basis until it becomes definitively effective from January 2024.

UGT thanks the Valverde City Council for its involvement in making this agreement possible.

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