June 1, 2023

The Association of Portileños Neighbors has taken out of the drawer a project for the construction of a new viewpoint as a proposal to offer to the different political parties that attend the municipal elections. From the association they wanted to remember that this project was the winner of the participatory budgets of the Cartaya Town Hall back in 2019 with the project presented by the president of the association Pruden Serrano.

Elements of the new gazebo

It is based on the “construction” through elements that go with the environment (wood) of a large platform, with a stage, a hanging gazebo, a descent to the beach and possible ambigu, all on the plot owned by Costas next to the boy.
A space for culture.

The initial project is already approved ( Thanks to the impetus of David Calderón ) and is in the phase to bid to build in new laptop.

Indicate in the same way that it is a project that goes through phases, and they have wanted to advance this sketch so that now at election time, the parties make it their own and commit themselves so that it is completed in a short space of time.

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