June 1, 2023

The Organization of the Bajo la Luna International Film Festival – Islantilla Cineforum has officially unveiled today the advertising poster of its sixteenth edition, a work carried out by the Huelva graffiti artist Adrián Pérez ‘Manomatic’.

The poster released today, an adaptation of a mural created by the artist himself on one of the facades of the Islantilla Active Center, seeks to pay homage to the different stages in the history of the Seventh Art, with allusions to black and white cinema or the first forays into the 3D cinema of the eighties.

In his exhibition, the author of the poster was supported by the institutional representatives of the Commonwealth of Islantilla, the organizing entity of the film exhibition.

The Vice President of the entity and Deputy Mayor of Lepe, Mariana Otero, has reissued “Islantilla’s commitment to culture in general, and to the audiovisual industry in particular, recalling the trajectory of this destination since the launch of the first festival of cinema in October 2000 and up to the present day”.

For her part, the Deputy Mayor delegate of the Isla Cristina City Council Tourism Area, Isabel López, highlighted “the health of an event that in its last edition reached 1,434 registered works, representing filmographies from 52 different countries where this fate has made itself known.”

The Director of the Festival, Esteban Magaz, has also had words of gratitude to the author of the poster, whom he has defined as “an artist from Huelva with a wonderful international projection and with works that crown half the world to the point of generating a viewer profile that pilgrim in search of his new creations”. Magaz thanked Manomátic for its dedication to the Festival, as well as all those sponsoring and collaborating companies with the exhibition, “especially Hotel Estival Islantilla, which for yet another year, and now for eight editions, has opted to be the official venue of our event” .

Finally, the author of the poster, Adrián Pérez ‘Manomátic’, thanked “the Mancomunidad de Islantilla and its Film Festival for trusting me with this work, with such a characteristic style and faithful to the rest of my work”. The artist has explained that he has sought “a hyper-realistic finish that in turn includes a clear allusion to cinema, also introducing elements such as the moon” in reference to the dreamlike power of the Seventh Art.

Adrián Pérez began his artistic career in 1998 as a self-taught creator, and based on his image, sound and graphic design studies, in 2009 he scaled up his production experimenting with new formats until he became the renowned artist he is today, with a style that evolves towards hyperrealism and that has captivated the attention of numerous institutions inside and outside Spain.

The urban artist has received such outstanding commissions as the large-format murals of the Instituto Cervantes in Athens on the occasion of the Year of the Book (2018) or the one dedicated to the Peace Treaty with the FARC held in Bogotá in 2017. He has participated in different international festivals in countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain or Italy.

16 editions of the Islantilla Festival

The Islantilla Festival, in its sixteenth edition, continues to bet on bringing the best cinema to viewers by offering free sessions of short and feature films during the summer months under the light of the summer moon.

The projections will continue to be, as in previous years, in the Central Patio of the Islantilla Active Center located on Avenida de Río Frío, converted into an exceptional open-air cinema. All these ingredients make the Islantilla Festival a memorable experience for the thousands of spectators who have attended some of its sessions, many of them repeating it year after year.

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