June 6, 2023

The Association of Funeral Agencies and Funeral parlour, integrated into the Huelva Federation of Employers (FOE), together with the unions UGT and CCOO, have signed today in the ambit of the Extrajudicial System for the Resolution of Labor Conflicts of Andalusia (SERCLE) the labor agreement of the sector, which affects approximately 130 workers from 15 companies in the province of Huelva.

This signing marks the end of more than a year of negotiations, for which a new agreement has been reached whose temporary scope will be from 2022 to 2024 and in which salary increases are established for the three years of its validity, it is reduced the annual working day and the continuous working day is established in general, although companies may apply the split shift for a maximum number of days.

Both the president of the Andalusian Council of Labor Relations (CARL), José Manuel Gómez, the body to which SERCLA belongs, and the territorial delegate for Employment, Business and Self-Employment in Huelva, Alberto Santana, have expressed their satisfaction with the agreement reached and They have thanked both the business association and the workers for their involvement and work to resolve the situation, betting on dialogue and understanding, “especially in the case of an essential service for citizens.”

Both Gómez and Santana have also congratulated the mediators of the Extrajudicial System of Labor Conflicts of Andalusia, for their work and for demonstrating that this resource offered by the Board is the most effective when it comes to contributing to the peaceful development of labor relations and the standardized management of labor disputes.

The future of undertakers is signed in the Sercla

After more than a year of negotiations, the parties involved have gone to the headquarters of CARL-SERCLA in Huelva to sign the agreement in view of the fact that it was in this body where last April an understanding was reached on the most controversial aspects. of the negotiation.

The Extrajudicial System for the Resolution of Labor Conflicts in Andalusia, SERCLA, managed by the Andalusian Council of Labor Relations (CARL), a body attached to the Ministry of Employment, Business and Self-Employment, integrates the most representative business and union organizations of the autonomous community. This system has a triple objective: to avoid excessive judicialization of labor disputes, to favor collective autonomy and their own means of solution.

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