May 30, 2023

This Wednesday, May 10, at 8:30 p.m., he will perform at the 1900 Company Bar he book ‘The essence of the Primitive’of Sara Ales Ortega.

The essence of the primitive is what accompanies humanity since it was born. It is the connection with the cosmos, with nature, with the human being and with the function of the Earth: to share its abundant water among all the beings that are part of the Universe of the Moon.

Liberta, is a dragon that becomes a human to remind humans of the Code of Nature. She is part of the Council of Dragons that chose to stay in the World of Water (Earth), to help the planet when it was in danger. Her mission is to go to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino Primitivo. On this tour, she is learning to be human and sharing her message with the pilgrims.

A book that invites you to connect with your dragon, so that the divinity of each one can be reborn free, when light and shadow meet. Going into this adventure, you will be able to feel that love is the only thing that unites all beings in the universe.

Sara Ales

I was born on June 7, in the city of origin, Huelva. I lost myself in time, I have no age. I searched for the meaning of my existence and today, I have no reason to be, it is simply my soul remembering who it was, who it is and where it is going. From this character you chose, full of masks, my true essence is the same as yours, the same love and the same conscience.

My character, named Sara Alés, studied Social Work and International Cooperation, because I always considered that my home is the earth and my brothers and sisters are waiting for me anywhere in the world.

For more than seven years, I have traveled to different countries of the world, to understand the human being, nature and the essence of love.

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