June 6, 2023

He Tartessos Rugby faced last Sunday against the Alcalá Rugby Club, their rival in the semifinals of the promotion phase to Division of Honor Ba match against a rival totally unknown to Huelva, but the lynx were not going to lower their arms for that.

During the early stages of the game, one team did not predominate over another. In the static phases, despite having the visiting team with a heavier forward pack, the local team did not intimidate against the Madrid scrum. However, his great game at hand gave the first 5 points for the visiting team.

However, everyone knows that the locals do not give up so soon and after recovering the ball after an opponent’s scrum, Javi Berzosa managed to land the ball in the visitor’s test area, putting the tie on the scoreboard.

During the first part, the errors and inaccuracies of Tartessos were taken advantage of by the visiting team, which did not give a ball for lost and before the end of the first part, it was 5-17.

After the break, the game continued in the same dynamics and the Madrid team, with its good work, further increased the advantage over Tartessos. Despite the result, the lynx did not falter in their efforts and before the final whistle Javi Berzosa gave everything again to give the team 5 more points, which with the shot from the local opener gave them 7 points with which they reduced the advantage of Alcalá, ending the game with a 12-35.

Despite of result and mistakes, Rugby Tartessos put their game into practice and at all times was faithful to their style, showing their determination and not throwing in the towel before the final whistle of the match, next Saturday in the capital of Spain.

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