June 2, 2023

The candidate of People’s Party to the mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandaaccompanied by number eight on her list, Elena Pacheco, and other members of the candidacy, has presented at a press conference her Proposals to improve citizen service by the City Council. Thus, the popular has announced its intention to launch in the six social centers of the capital offices of the municipal registry office“to decentralize municipal management, bringing it closer to the neighborhoods with the aim of being more efficient in management and improving citizen care”.

In this sense, the candidate has recognized the daily effort made by the officials of the municipal registry, “however, the current lack of efficiency in management means that they are overwhelmed and for this reason they need the City Council to offer them the necessary tools to be able to do their work and offer citizens the attention they deserve”.

For this reason, Pilar Miranda He has insisted on the importance of having a fully digitized City Hall “that speeds up management and simplifies municipal procedures, but without neglecting face-to-face attention so that all those people who still do not manage digitally have the same good attention ”.

In addition, to end as far as possible with the digital gap suffered by some citizens, mainly older people, the popular has announced that they will start training aimed at improving knowledge in this area, “so that the greatest number of Huelva can benefit from the advantages offered by telematic procedures”.

With this double aspect, the digitalization and the implementation of more points of the registry office, “the citizens will see how their City Council is going to solve their problems again, instead of causing them as is unfortunately happening now”, he added. the candidate.

On the other hand, since the candidacy, the District Boards will be launched to promote the relationship of the City Council with the residents of the city’s neighborhoods, “in order to meet their demands, jointly study solutions to existing problems, favoring thus, in a real way, citizen participation and reinforcing the neighborhood association movement”.

In this way, Miranda has continued, the councilors will be accountable to the residents, “being accessible and close to hear first-hand the problems of the city.” In addition, “we guarantee the right of citizens to have access to clear and complete information on municipal initiatives, and to participate in important decisions that affect their future, to avoid situations like the ones that are currently being experienced in practically all neighborhoods in the city, with unwanted works that create problems instead of solutions”.

Lastly, Elena Pacheco has emphasized that “attention to the citizen will be an absolute priority of this team, of our program, of our management and for them we will create the municipal boards, because the people of Huelva need a City Hall to be proud of, digitized , where administrative simplification is a reality and a utopia, a Town Hall with mechanisms that facilitate and expedite administrative procedures, in short, a town hall at the height of the city that Huelva will become with Pilar Miranda as mayoress”.

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