June 6, 2023

The plays redevelopment of the neighborhood of Nuevo Molino could start in early july. The Contracting Board met last week, there is already an award proposal that must be approved by the Governing Board to develop the contract signing procedures. In total there have been eight companies that have submitted to this tender.

“Extraordinary news” as the mayor of HuelvaGabriel Cruz, “because it is a project that was abandoned and that after a budget increase of 325,000 euros is attractive enough to be able to choose the best option and finally launch an unprecedented macro-project in the city, because it implies the complete redevelopment of an entire neighborhood affected by land settlement problems that have caused significant unevenness between the road and the accesses to the buildings”.

In this first phase, work will be carried out on an approximate area of ​​17,000 square meters, included in the sidewalks that border the five blocks of the northern sector of the neighborhood, formalized by the main roads of Punta Umbría street, Avenida de la Unión Europea and Avenida Costa de the light.

It is, as the mayor has pointed out, “a firm commitment to accessibility and with it urban habitability to guarantee proper functioning of pedestrian traffic, avoid accidents and their consequent effects on people and property, promote mobility and protect the streets of the neighborhood of a progressive deterioration that would amplify the damages affecting all the infrastructures, causing the multiplication of the replacement cost of the same”.

Cruz has assured that it is “more than a commitment, a responsibility with the neighbors to repair the sunken sidewalks and deteriorated infrastructures, to give a new image of this neighborhood with the aim of revitalizing the entire environment in support of the residents and a thriving business sector.

The total redevelopment of the Nuevo Molino neighborhood represents an investment of 1,700.00 euros, for the renovation and adaptation of the sidewalks in a total area of ​​27,500 square meters, in addition to the reform of the access elements, ramps and stairs, integrating them in a joint arrangement that allows adaptation to the current regulations on accessibility, guaranteeing adequate and comfortable routes for both residents and visitors.

Due to the magnitude of the project, it has been divided into two phases. Specifically, the scope of the first phase adjoins Avenida Costa de la Luz to the south, until it meets the underpass; It limits to the North with Punta Umbría Street, up to its sidewalk with the Quirón Hospital; to the East, with block 9 of Avenida de la Unión Europea; and to the west with the sidewalks affected on the façade of block 5.

The works of this first phase, which have an execution period of six months, will continue with a second project to address an area of ​​10,504 square meters and cover all the perimeter sidewalks of the nine blocks of multi-family buildings located on Diego de Almagro, Costa de la Luz avenue, Punta Umbría street, Paseo de las Palmeras and Unión Europea avenue, thus completing the neighborhood.

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