June 6, 2023

the headquarters of CCOO de Huelva has hosted the presentation of the book ‘Las Marx’s reasons. Notes on the philosophy of praxis’, by Luis Martínez de Velasco and Jesús Romero Sánchez.

In the act, led by the general secretary of the union in the province, Julia Perea, the errors derived from a misinterpretation of Marxist thought linked to assuming postulations of economic and social determinism that come from a philosophy that the authors They fight in the book.

Marx to put a stop to capitalism

Jesús Velasco and Luis Martínez outlined the message they wanted to launch with this publication, highlighting the need to put the handbrake on capitalism “a train without a driver in free fall towards disaster.” As well as the importance that “Marxists ask ourselves what we have done wrong so that at this moment we have naturally assumed certain policies that are being carried out.”

The act ended with an interesting debate between authors and attendees in which the pulse of a current political situation was taken in which “it is necessary to rescue the figure of Marx to reflect and try to put the emergency brake on a runaway and without control”

The book published by the Apeiron publishing house is available at the Dorian bookstore in the capital.

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