June 1, 2023

the poster of “sold out” has been hung for the Expert Minds which will take place this Wednesday, May 10, in the auditorium of the Casa Colón de Huelva starting at eight in the evening. The presentation titled “You are much bigger than you think” will be borne by the recognized Dr. Mario Alonso Puig and is aimed at helping attendees to improve their self-confidence and reorient their perspective towards the problems that arise in life.

This is the fourth presentation of the national tour of Expert Minds on personal development and growth in the Huelva capital thanks to the collaboration between Expert Minds and the CSIF union since 2018. On this occasion, and after the visits of Victor Küppers, Pedro García Aguado , Javier Iriondo and Emilio Duró, it will be Dr. Mario Alonso Puig who will step on the stage at Casa Colón to motivate attendees to achieve personal and professional success, providing them with the guidance and tools necessary to stop focusing on limitations and start to explore the possibilities.

The founders of Mentes Expertas, Marina Zambrana and Perico Cornejo, assure that this conference is a unique opportunity to open your eyes, reflect and reconsider life’s priorities. According to them, these experiences change lives because they remind people of their great potential and the importance of making decisions that take them where they want to be and help them to be how they want to be. “Through knowledge and personal development, attendees will be able to discover their enormous potential, renew their enthusiasm for life and overcome routines of pessimism”, suggest the CEOs of Mentes Expertas.

Agreement with CSIF

The national tour of Expert Minds, which carries out more than 70 annual presentations in 17 Spanish cities, returns to the Huelva capital thanks to the collaboration agreement between the company and the union CSIF Huelva in 2018. In addition to its role in organizing the event, CSIF has worked to ensure a broad attendance of representatives from various institutions, associations and organizations in and around Huelva.

Juan Manuel Quilón, president of CSIF Huelva, explains that in 2018 the union decided to make Huelva a benchmark in the field of conferences, as part of its action strategy as a social agent. According to Quilón, for many people, attending this type of masterclass “represents a restart in their lives, with numerous experiences that can be applied both in their personal and professional lives.” In addition, he highlights how these events have become a social, institutional and business meeting point in the province. Quilón also thanks the Huelva City Council for its collaboration from the beginning of the project to facilitate the arrival of Expert Minds in the capital.

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