June 1, 2023

The ludic and cultural programmingLa Rábida in Spring’designed by the La Rábida Management Unit of the Diputación de Huelva and centered around the José Celestino Mutis Park for the celebration of its 30th anniversary, has ended this past weekend with the celebration of the II Painting Meeting ‘La Rábida’ and the A_MAR Wellness Days, included in the ‘Growing up in La Rábida’ programme.

With the celebration of these two activities, which the deputy of the Presidency, Belén Castillo, has attended, this second year of programming for ‘La Rábida en Primavera’ concludes, with great success in participation in the wide range of activities offered, focused in this natural space for leisure and recreation that has commemorated its three decades of life with guided tours of the park with the program ‘Mutis por el Mutis’; personal growth through the ‘Growing up in La Rábida’ programme; workshops for the whole family with ‘Art and nature in La Rábida’ and the ‘Mini Mutis’ program for the little ones.

II Meeting of painting ‘La Rábida’

Although last year the painting meeting focused exclusively on the Muelle de las Carabelas, this year it has been opened to the entire area of ​​La Rábida. This second painting meeting, curated by Carlos Dovao, has become a very important event nationwide in terms of prizes, with a first prize of 7,000 euros, a second prize of 3,000 euros and 5 prizes of 1,000 euros, being the amount of the first prize is the highest awarded in the entire national territory.

During the day of Saturday, May 6, the nearly 60 participating plastic artists, coming from all over the national territory, have managed to capture on their canvases the unique landscapes of the Rabideño environment, in which the visitors themselves have been able to observe the process live. creativity of the artists who have come together in this open-air painting encounter.

Once the contest concluded and the winners were chosen by the members of the jury, the deputy of the Presidency, Belén Castillo, presented the different prizes to the winning artists.

Wellness Days A_MAR

The A_MAR Wellness Days, held on May 6, coinciding with the blossoming of the park, have put the finishing touch to the ‘Growing up in La Rábida’ programme, created to provide a leisure space in contact with nature with activities directed to promote personal and family growth and achieve healthy habits for inner well-being, hand in hand with its director, Marta Martín.

With 100% occupancy of the places, the A_MAR conferences have been developed between 10:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., with a distribution of content in different areas that have had to do with the body, mind and emotion, for which a group of top-level professionals in the field of human development, such as María Terrada, artist from the world of dance and yoga teacher; Maite Rodrigo, health social worker specializing in Mindfulness and Compassion; Alicia Torres, neuropsychologist of learning and emotions and expert in Emotional Education; and the participation of the renowned Palmerian sculptor Martín Lagares.

It has highlighted the participation of Elsa Punset, Graduated in Philosophy and Letters, Master in Humanities from the University of Oxford and in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Madrid, writer and one of the main figures in the world for the dissemination of Emotional Intelligence as a tool for a positive life.

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