June 6, 2023

The Industry Conference on Tourism has approved three projects of Tourism Sustainability Plans for the province of Huelva for a value of 7.6 million euros corresponding to the extraordinary call of 2023. These plans are financed entirely with funds Next Generation EU of the Recovery and Resilience Plan. Andalusia will have a total of 24 plans that will involve an investment of 57.9 million euros. The maximum term for the execution of these projects is three years.

The Tourism Sustainability Plan in Destination ‘Cuenca mininga, lugar para descubrir’ promoted by the Provincial Council of Huelva has received 2.05 million euros. The ‘Huelva, the British Legacy’ plan, promoted by the Huelva City Council, will have financing of 3 million euros and the Islantilla Commonwealth plan, ‘Islantilla, between green and blue’, will have an investment of 2 .58 million euros.

These plans represent the main instrument of intervention of the Spanish tourism administration in the process of transformation of the sector. The main objective is to contribute to the formulation of a new tourism model that places sustainability in its triple dimension: environmental, socioeconomic and territorial.

tourist calls

The program is articulated through the call, evaluation and annual approvals of Destination Tourism Sustainability Plans, which are subsequently designed and executed by local entities. The initiatives presented by town halls, councils and associations have been evaluated jointly by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the autonomous communities.

For the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arturo Bernal, “Andalusia is a benchmark destination and leader in the tourism industry due to its firm commitment to applying sustainability criteria. Our success is largely due to the fact that we have been able to anticipate and anticipate new trends in this activity.

Provincial councils and city councils will have the tools and the necessary tourist financing to promote projects that make their territories more competitive from the tourist point of view”.

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