June 3, 2023

An opportunity to expose the British heritage. The Tourism Sector Conference has approved the granting of a 3 million euro subsidy to the Huelva City Council that will allow the completion of the ‘Huelva, the british legacy‘, which will mean the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Columbus House and the setting up of a British Legacy Interpretation Centre.

This plan is based on strengthening the destination through the creation of a tourism product that revolves around the British legacy in Huelva. A municipal project that has as one of its pillars the development of the emblematic space of the Huelva capital, a building recovered in the 90s and that has not undergone interventions for its conservation since then. The project includes actions in the three pavilions that make up the complex, both the Casa Grande and the Levante and Poniente pavilions.

The British legacy, at Casa Colón

At the same time, the creation of the British Legacy Interpretation Center will be launched within the Casa Colón itself, an action that adds to the efforts of the council to make the British legacy a tourist flag of the Huelva capital within national and international tourism . At the provincial level, it will be complemented by the rest of the British legacy of the province, generating synergies that contribute to the expansion and decentralization of the tourist space and to territorial cohesion.

“Our goal is to turn Casa Colón into the nerve center of the British Legacy in the capital. We are aware that the British legacy that Huelva possesses is one of our great potentialities as a tourist destination and we must value the heritage that this legacy left in our city. If we add to this the Palacio de Congresos, we are left with a tourist, cultural and congress center in the heart of the city that few cities can boast of having”, declared the mayor, Gabriel Cruz.

The project will be financed with the Next Generation EU funds of the Recovery and Resilience Plan. Through these funds, the Destination Tourism Sustainability Plans program has been articulated, whose main objective is to contribute to the formulation of a new tourism model that places sustainability in its triple dimension: environmental, socioeconomic and territorial.

The program is carried out through the annual call, evaluation and approval of Destination Tourism Sustainability Plans, which are subsequently designed and executed by local entities.

The mayor thanked both the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain, as well as the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía “for the joint work carried out with the City Council so that this project could be financed with funds Next Generation, which will allow us to complete a project as exciting as this one”.

The initiatives presented by town halls, councils and associations have been evaluated jointly by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the autonomous communities. The City Council has a period of three years to carry out the project.

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