June 1, 2023

The Huelva capital has ten units of ‘Pipiguau’an innovative street furniture driven by the Huelva City Hall which will be destined to dog urine collection and that has already been distributed in different neighborhoods of the city.

As the Councilor for Urban Habitat and Infrastructures, Esther Cumbrera, has stated, “the municipal priority with this new and modern service is to help keep the streets clean.” In this way, in collaboration with the Huelva-based company Pet Solution Urban, an expert in the construction of this type of urban furniture, the City Council has proceeded to install the first ten units in different locations in the city with the aim of increasing them.

As for the most notable aspects of this furniture, it must be emphasized that it is a canine urinal that attracts the animal to encourage it to urinate in the cabin. Thus, for the Consistory it has been essential to “bet on the most innovative means that have come onto the market, and that have also formed part of a pilot project that was launched previously and that managed to meet the expectations of users with dogs”.

Finally, the City Council also wants to request citizen collaboration to make proper use of the ‘peepewow’with the aim of being able to contribute among all of us so that this revolutionary service can fulfill its important mission in the city.

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