May 30, 2023
Croats from the group Let 3 tried hardest of all

Croats from the group Let 3 tried hardest of all

Here you sleep and do not know what events are happening in Europe. And there, by the way, on the evening of May 9 first semi-final of Eurovision, which for Russia remained somewhere in a past life. Disputes about the song “Russian Woman” performed by the Tajik Manizhi, the second coming of Sergei Lazarev, resentment for an unfair vote, soaked through with politics, and the indispensable Philip Kirkorov in the forefront – how quickly all this lost its gloss and became somehow unimportant.

While Russia was celebrating Victory Day and honoring veterans, Eurovision fans were seriously arguing over the new system for announcing the finalists and circulating a petition for its cancellation. It turned out that the fans of the competition were outraged by the idea of ​​the organizers to gather all the semi-finalists on stage to announce the result. What is this (you might ask)? Lots of music shows do that. But no: Eurovision is not some kind of reality show for you, there is nothing to increase the ratings due to the stress of the participants. You, they say, still take interviews with the losers – how do you feel about defeat? Have you thought about the mental health of the musicians? It would be better if they sit in their greenrooms during the announcement of the results, sipping a glass of wine. And you will wag the nerves of the contestants on the “X Factor”.

And so the organizers gave up, canceling the innovation a few hours before the start of the first semi-final. So Eurofans have only one reason to worry: this year everyone is betting on Finland’s victory, and conspiracy theorists are sure that this is a gift to the Finns for their recent entry into NATO. Another favorite is Sweden, which (what a coincidence!) also applied to the North Atlantic alliance. And who else believes that music is out of politics?

As for the rest, there is really nothing more to discuss at Eurovision, which is rapidly losing ratings every year. At the first semi-final, which took place on May 9 in Liverpool, no sensations were expected. The Croats from the Let 3 group tried hardest of all – men with mustaches and painted lips jumped around the stage in uniforms, a pink lacquer coat and with the same manicure. Then they freaked out, tore off their clothes and remained on stage in their shorts. White. Somewhere in the background, rockets sparkled, the hall roared, shouted and, as they say in novels, raged. Although we have seen similar freaks at the review before: in the tenth round it is no longer impressive.

There were, however, quite cool musical guys – an Israeli woman of incredible beauty with hot dances and twine, which Volochkova would envy; a warlike Norwegian in armor and a haunting pop song; cheerful guys from Malta; twin brothers of the Beatles look from Azerbaijan… True, we are not sure that any of them are worth the nerves, time and effort that, for example, Seryozha Lazarev once gave to Eurovision, who twice rushed to victory and twice froze a couple of steps away from her (the singer participated in the review in 2016 and 2019 and both times became the third).

By the way, the Finns-favorites – the singer Kyaarija and his team – really made it to the final, although they sang in their native language: in the old days, this was considered an application for failure. But this gap was filled by the violent jumps of the leader of the group in an intricate blouse, consisting of only sleeves. At some point, the frontman saddled his colleagues, who got on all fours for some reason, and drove them to victory on their humps. But we also saw this somewhere.

Well, for those two fans who are still suffering from Eurovision in Russia, we inform you that, in addition to Finland, Croatia, Moldova, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia and Norway qualified for the final according to the results of the first semi-final.

The second semi-final will take place on May 11th and the final on May 13th. In total, 37 countries have entered the competition this year: Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Monaco refused to participate due to the financial crisis caused by sanctions and the natural increase in energy prices. Russia and Belarus, fortunately, do not participate in this bacchanalia either.

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