June 6, 2023

The Municipal School of Flamenco Dance of San Juan del Puerto will dedicate Saturday May 20 at 9:00 p.m. at the Juan Alonso de Guzmán Municipal Theater, the premiere of his end-of-year show 22/23 a jesus quintero. The Councilor for Culture and the director of the School have presented today the billboard of an event whose proceeds will go in part to the local bullfighter Enrique Toro in aid of his career. Tickets at €5can be purchased from next week in the Municipal school from Colón street, in White Hardware or from two hours before at the theater box office on the day of the performance.

He Councilor Juan Martinez has underlined “from the Culture area I have the pleasure of inviting you to this new show dedicated to our distinguished eicountryman luster who left us last October, a person who defended the values ​​of flamencoHence, this homage that our Municipal Dance School is going to give her could not have been more appropriate” -he added.

For his part, Leonor Rebollo has explained the Dedication to the Fool on the Hill (Jesús Quintero) “the idea arose to remind this artist who lived on San José street”.

The dance teacher who has been in charge of the direction and choreography has broken down the program that will make it up, most of them, themes that belonged to his television shows and with surprises that will take place throughout it and sung by Alfonso Corbi “el sillero”, Tania Cumbreras, Mari Ángeles Cruzado and Almudena Domínguez.

At the touch Andrés Capea and Sebastián the one from the station; Antonio Gómez on bass, Juan Carlos Pancho on sax, José Tanque on piano and Manu Ramos on percussion.

Themes for Jesus Quintero

On the themes that will sound in this long-awaited premiere such as small and humble tribute by Leonor Rebollo to Jesús Quintero there are the ‘Ratones Coloraos’ from El Barrio, ‘El sol, la sal y el son’, Diego Carrasco, fandangos de Huelva, ‘Aleluya’ by Enrique Morente, ‘No es lo mismo’ by Alejadro Sanz, “El alma” by Lin Cortés and El Pele, “Give me freedom” by El Lebrijano, ‘SOS’ by Maite Martín, Habaneras from Cádiz, “Es la verdad” by Niña Pastori or sevillanas by Joaquín Sabina.

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