June 3, 2023

Next Thursday, May 11, at 8:00 p.m., the presentation at the headquarters of the College of Architects of Huelva de la novel the city of sandof the architect Fernando Baron.

The event will be presented by Francisco Rodríguez-Pantoja, dean of the College of Architects of Huelva, Rafael Pérez, from Editorial Fog and the architect José Carlos Fernández Reyes.

The novel La Ciudad de Arena arises in order to analyze the city of Huelva, under environmental, urban and architectural perspectives, trying to answer the question: is Huelva an ugly city?

It is a fictional novel, where the city is the background of a thriller, with large doses of realism, which goes from dirty to magical realism. The experiences of a group of architects are related, committed to the inherited heritage, who analyze the different aspects of the profession, the functions of the College of Architects and the hidden beauty in the city.

Going from a large town with a certain harmony to a small impersonal city, the destruction of the Historic Center and the threat that hangs over the hallmarks of Huelva, headlands and river front, are concerns that are present in the story.


Under the influence of the city of sand, built by the Cabezos de Huelva group, the lives of the characters in this story take place, which takes place over thirteen days at the end of 2019, while a pandemic was germinating.

The economic crisis and the separation from his family turned Román into a self-absorbed architect. He belongs to the Leopoldo Collective, dedicated to architectural collusion, the defense of natural heritage and the search for hidden beauty in the city.

A whim of fate puts Marcianito on stage, Román’s partner in the Madre de Dios, who will drag him towards the ghost of Cuesta del Carnicero, the crimes of Halloween and the Windmill, a hostess club where Mercedes Joya reigns , a bad Mae West impersonator.

Walking under the cloister of an old convent or burying yourself in the bowels of the hills, these are the options that Román has to continue his journey into the unknown, which will lead him to discover a magical world of the past.

Fernando Baron

He was born in Huelva in 1958. An architect by vocation, he transitioned through the profession from subsidized housing to urban planning. His life trajectory is associated with a commitment to social and environmental demands and to the search for knowledge in the various cultural manifestations.

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