May 30, 2023

FACUA-Consumers in Action The town halls of the nine cities where there are restaurants of the chain have been addressed again canaglia donkey to ask for information about the inspections that they have been able to carry out, as well as the results of the same.

The association already sent a first letter requesting urgent inspections on April 24 the mayors of Seville, Bilbao, Cuenca, Fuengirola (Málaga), HuelvaSantander, Alicante and the Alicante municipalities of Campello and San Vicente del Raspeig, after the fire that occurred on April 21 in the establishment in Madrid that caused two fatalities and a dozen injuries.

After FACUA’s claim, five of these town halls announced that they were going to carry out the pertinent inspections to check whether or not the decoration was flammablein order to prevent possible accidents such as the one that occurred in the Canaglia Donkey in the capital.

No response to date

For the moment, FACUA has not received any information on the results of the inspections that the municipal technicians of each city have been able to carry out in these restaurants.

For this reason, the association has once again addressed these municipalities to demand that they be informed about the actions carried out to date, of the possible irregularities that they have been able to detect, as well as whether or not they have opened disciplinary proceedings.

Madrid still does not clarify if the law was violated

On the other hand, FACUA criticizes that the Madrid City Council continues without publicly clarifying, almost three weeks later, whether the franchise where the fire violated the law by decorating its walls and ceilings with non-fireproof artificial plants.

If so, beyond the possible criminal liability, the Madrid City Council should proceed to open the corresponding disciplinary file, warns FACUA.

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